Dr. William Crone – Obstetrics and Gynecology at Wake Forest Baptist Health

(upbeat music) – I’m Doctor William Crone. I’m one of the OB/GYN generalists in the OB/GYN department of
Wake Forest Baptist Health. (upbeat music) Really like working with families and moms and dads, um, you know, to bring in their little bundle of joy. Um, but, also enjoy high risk, um, OB/GYN. You know, helping folks who are, whose pregnancy are challenged by problems or medical conditions to
have a healthy pregnancy and have a, you know,
good birth experience, whenever possible. My path to OB/GYN, um,
started in medical school and it was one of those moments where I delivered my first baby and it just all became clear,
this is what I wanted to do. I mean, it was just one of those moments where it just happened and everything clicked, everything worked. I was in solo practice in Atlanta and was doing that for quite a long time and really missed the educational aspects of, um, medical practice and OB/GYN cause I’d done a lot of teaching before medical school and during medical school. And the opportunity came for me to come to Wake Forest Baptist Health and to pass on some of my knowledge and experience to the next
generation of doctors. So, I could not pass that up. Well, my approach to patient care is to try to get to know the patient. Not just review the computer information and review the papers and
then rush in and do an exam. But, really try to get a
good background on them, where they’ve been as
far as their treatment, if they have a chronic problem and try to take that and
move on to the next step so that they’re not just,
you know, more of the same, but, you know, I can get an idea of what they, where they’ve been, what they want to do, you
know, where they’re going and hopefully help them get there. (upbeat music)

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