‘Dry Fasting’ Fad Diet Carries Risks: Here’s What You Need To Know | TODAY

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  1. Wow hope they are not talking down about the islamic fast because one of the host comes from Muslim family from Egypt and she should know better. #ramadanIscoming

  2. Forgot to mention that through the dryfast iam urinating normally with no decrease which proves the point about the the body producing its own metabolic water.

  3. Also,it is said that each day of dryfasting is equal to 3 days of waterfasting.Therefore a 36 hour dryfast is equivalent to a 4 and a half day waterfast.

  4. They fasted in the Bible. He’s a DOCTOR anyway. Of course hospitals and doctors offices aren’t trying to lose money. If they can try to keep people IGNORANT to keep a job, they will by any means necessary.


  6. Smh, Today, dry fasting is neither new, nor a fad. Just admit your ignorance about it and inform people with facts. I'm so sick of media's 'narratives' and having to frame things for ratings. Give actual history and science. Read an actual study, like USC Davis' study showing stem cell production during fasting and a strengthened immune system.

    Geez, I hope people don't rely on daytime tv to learn anything. They have all the ad money in the world to do in-depth pieces over fear-mongering or sensationalism.

  7. How can you just discredit peoples testimonials of healing through dry fasting. "It doesn't do that" Obviously it does and has been healing people since before you got that fake Phd you paid 100k for and still know nothing.

  8. Not recommending it, but dryfasting drives fat metabolism. The humps on camels are NOT humps of water but of fat. Fat not only serves as a reservoir for energy but for water also.

    If you don't ingest it H20 the body will produce endogenous H2O from metabolising acetyl CoA in the mitochondria. Acetyl CoA comes from both sugar and fat metabolism. If you are fasting then your body will primarily get its Acetyl CoA from fat. The metabolising of Acetyl CoA produces energy/ATP through the electron transport system. H20 is also product of this process. If you need more water, your body will upregulate this process to get the water.

    When you do this regularly, your body will go into survival mode and produce more mitochondria so that it doesn't lag in the production of water. This process is called mitophagy. Mitophagy is a subset of Autophagy, which is the all encompassing phenomena of recycling cell proteins and cell components. Experiencing autophagy regularly does metabolically rejuvenate your cell proteins and components. Unrecycled cell components and proteins that accumulate in your cells is a primary root cause of cell dysfuction. When people age and get sick, this isn't because some aging or disease meteor from the sky strikes them, it's because their cells over time get sicker and sicker. You can also get this from fasting. Dry fasting is just a more extreme form of it. Just like an ultra marathon is a more extreme example of running than a 5k.

    What else upregulates autophagy? Exercise and avoiding carbohydrates.

  9. I've been dry fasting for year's and it really heals on deep level. These people want us to be sick so they can sell their poison to us .

  10. I did notice actually quiet small discomfort, slight kidney pain after doing maybe only 20 hour dry fast. Iam not sure is it sign of danger, or some "healing" process . I do belive that if someone just jumps into dry fast without any backround or prepatation can have negative side effects. That doesnt mean its "fad" as mentioned here.

  11. I'm not recommending everyone just up and dry fast because it CAN be dangerous and/or even life threatening under certain conditions, BUT if you are in good health with no serious medical problems, it can definitely have some benefits if done OCCASIONALLY. Personally I would not go beyond 3 days and only do it having prepared properly beforehand as well as knowing how to ease out. Ray Maor is a good resource for info. Above all, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!! I did it once with very good results and another time got really sick. Finally, not wise if you are doing this just as a quick weight loss scheme. Better to do something more safe and sustainable, or you WILL do long term damage. Namaste! 🙏

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