Dying Light New Update – New Story Gamemode | NEW DLC AND OUTFITS ARE OUT | 2020

Hey guys welcome back to my channel and
today we are going to be talking about the latest dying light update so in
this video I’ll tell you guys about everything new added in dying light so
starting with the first edition it’s called the story mode that is
specifically for those who just want to experience the story of the game and
don’t want to do much off zombie action basically it’s the easiest mode for the
new players now let’s read the patch notes and see what all changes have been
made in this new story mode so the patch notes are as follows decreased damage
dealt by zombies by 25% so if a zombie is hitting you it will do 25% less
damage, increased damage dealt by player by 50 to 100 % ,Decreased fall damage
by 50% so if you jump from a certain height you may not die, normal attacks
use 25% less stamina, charge attacks use 50% less stamina, medikits are twice as
effective that’s actually really good player losses 50% less experience points
upon death this one is good because you know when you die you do lose a lot of
XP so it will be reduced by 50% you still lose XP but not that much, Days are
longer by 25% nights are shorter by 25% Traders pay 20% more for player items
that means if you buy something from the store you will be getting 20% more items
when compared to the normal game mode players earn 50% less Legend experience
this means you won’t be able to level up your character if you want obviously you
can level up your character you cannot level up your Legend XP that’s at
everything it’s it’s easy actually you can always switch your game to the
nightmare mode get a lot of XP and then switch back to the story mode it’s just
up to you, Airdrops remain on the map twice as long that’s that’s good good
for brecken so guys that’s basically everything about the new story mode but
hey we’re not done here there are some new particle effects that have been
added in the game so here is the list of the new effects that you will see in
certain weapons last wish revolver additional smoke effect Fenris axe additional blood effect leaping tiger dao sword additional fire
effect dragon g-pole arm additional fire effect now these new effects are definitely
awesome no doubt but there are some other stuff too that’s been added in the
game like new weapons and blueprints obviously we all know that they’re
talking about the new anniversary bundle and by the way I will be uploading a
separate video on that so stay tuned for that video and they have also added a
new type of explosive device we all know it’s c4 I’ve been teasing that for a long
time and I’ve actually uploaded a video about that on my channel so check the
link in the description if you haven’t watched my video they’ve also added a
new type of live event and this one is the super crane event that gives you the
c4 so I’ve talked about it in the same video Techland has also added some new
outfits which are part of the anniversary DLC and they have also added
the support for additional dockets which means in future we will be getting more
dockets and finally some minor bugs have been fixed remember guys we’re not done
here this is the first week of the update in the second week we will be
getting a new event new DLC and more weapons so stay tuned for that thank you
for watching and I’ll see you guys in my next video and until then good night and
good luck

13 Replies to “Dying Light New Update – New Story Gamemode | NEW DLC AND OUTFITS ARE OUT | 2020”

  1. Hey Ali me again, is the current community event finished? As the quest isn't in my menu anymore, I thought it was going till the 27th?

  2. Dude you are such a good youtuber I just hate it how you are so underrated.im saying this seriously you are the best at what you do.hopefully you keep being a content creator for much longer

  3. Love all the new patches and DLC’s, but….I really wish they’d do something about the online and make it easier to connect with people. Edit: sorry guess I should’ve said that I play on the PSN, it might be different for other people, but on the PSN it’s so hard to hook up with 4 people, 3 works fine.

  4. You got it wrong with the traders pay 20 percent more. It means you receive 20 percent more money when selling not recieve 20 percent more when buying

  5. techland: releases dying light
    me: meh this gonna be easy
    also me: completes the game in one day on all difficulties
    techland: adds story mode difficulty
    also me: speedruns the game in 5 minutes
    techland: am I a joke to you?
    me: >:)

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