Dyneema rope VS steel rope – strength test – break test

12 strand Dyneema is a type rope
that’s manufactured with Dyneema fiber It is an excellent alternative to steel
cable and has many positive caracteristics extremely high strength lightweight abrasion resistant low stretch floats on water splice able wear-resistant and flexible The following demonstration will compare the strength and break characteristic of 12 strand Dyneema rope with that of conventional steel rope for the first part of the test, we will be using
standard 3/8″ steel winch cable the steel cable withstands a load of 14,478 lbs in the event of a partial rupture, steel
ropes higher mass and recoil present a clear danger for any operator Now let’s take a look at the performance of 12 strand Dyneema rope the Dyneema rope breaks in a clean and
predictable fashion and withstands a significantly higher
18,857 lbs the low-mass and recoil of 12 strand Dyneema rope can significantly reduce the workplace hazards for your operation in the case of a partial rupture, as
demonstrated here the benefit of 12 strand Dyneema’s lower mass is evident as the vast majority of the energy
released during the break is dissipated along the length of the rope in a linear fashion with relatively low recoil For more information about 12 strand Dyneema rope and other fine rope products visit www.AtlanticBraids.com

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