EA Sports UFC 2 – How To Maintain Stamina And Win More Online – EA Sports UFC 2 Tips And Tricks

You what’s going on guys, I’m jay carteré
and in this video I’m going to be telling you how to manage your stamina and win more
fights in EA Sports UFC 2. Stamina is arguably the most important factor
in a fight in EA Sports UFC 2. A lot of players online like to be really
aggressive and get real close and throw a bunch of advanced strikes. This strategy will
eventually rock your opponent and knock them out if they’re a scrub, or if they’re
committed to staying in the pocket and trading blows. However, this strategy is super risky
as either player can get off a lucky strike and put the other to sleep. Don’t get involved in these battles. It’s
not worth it. It’s fun to be aggressive online and when your opponent tries to cheese
you or pretends to touch gloves and instead goes for a body kick, you’ll probably want
to knock them out to teach them to put some respek on your name but don’t do it! Instead, allow your opponent to be aggressive,
get close enough to make him strike, then move away to make him miss his shots, this
will make him lose stamina. And stamina is everything in UFC 2. if you have low stamina, you will become vulnerable
everywhere. Standing up, every strike will hurt you more and your strikes might as well
be cushioned with a pillow because they won’t be hurting anyone. In the clinch, your transitions
will take longer, and strikes will devastate you. On the ground, your transitions will
take longer again, you won’t be able to block transitions or reverse them and you’ll
be a sitting duck when your opponent starts raining down those fists of fury. So instead of being aggressive, let your opponent
gas himself out, you don’t need to go for the first round knockout. Instead, play for
points, use the jab and leg kicks to keep your opponent at bay, and only attack when
you’re in range and you see an opening. Play as a counter fighter, let your opponent
come to you and you will win way more matches. If you’re in a normal 3 round match, play
the first round safe, let your opponent throw all his advanced strikes, don’t even touch
the L1 button for this round. In the second you should have gained stamina advantage (meaning
you have more base stamina than your opponent) at this point you can be a little more aggressive,
if you won the first round though, i’d say keep playing safe but if you lost the first
round, get in and get those points on the scoreboard. At this point its okay to start
using advanced strikes once in a while, just don’t go overboard. In the third round,
if you’ve won the first 2 rounds, just chill basically. Your opponent has no choice but
to come to you and try and get a knockout. And if you’ve been playing smart up until
this point, your stamina advantage will make it much easier to take out your opponent after
he misses a combo and has low stamina. Don’t be fooled though, if you get super aggressive
in this round you can still be knocked out so just take it easy. In a championship match you want to take it
real slow. Treat the first 3 rounds as warm up rounds, just try and maintain stamina advantage,
make your opponent miss, throw less shots and land more. By round 4, if you’re opponent
has been very aggressive he will be easy to take out at this point because most of his
moves will drain his stamina to dangerous levels. Remember to be careful and there is
no shame in winning by decision, knockouts are exciting and flashy but its always best
when you’re not the one getting knocked out. Keep an eye on your stamina at all times,
throw 3 strikes at most at a time and don’t rely on using advanced strikes constantly.
The jab is your best weapon, remember that. When your opponent has low stamina, you can
attempt to go in for the kill, but be wary, do not expend so much stamina that you’re
at a disadvantage. Stay calm and calculated. Don’t let rage
dominate you, and keep your stamina high at all times. This will win you way more matches. However,
if you come across another counter puncher, or someone who is patient, you will need to
remain patient also and try to jab him enough or leg kick him enough to win a few rounds
and that usually makes people start playing very aggressive. And aggression usually equals
a nice counter strike K.O. I hope this video helped you out guys, hit
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  1. Good stuff my friend, accurate breakdown, and most definitely helpful. I don't watch to many of these uploads, most of these joker's just kill me with the same repetitive, redundant garbage, or just annoy the shit out of you with failed attempts at humor and non sense like that. Solid upload.

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