Eating Healthy As An Older Adult

meaning housing is important at any age
but our nutritional needs change as we get older so in today’s healthy eats I
am with Ashley who’s going to break it all down for us now Ashley let’s talk
first about the big picture and that is why do I dietary needs change as we get
older we’re basically slowing down so one we’re on medication which makes us
be hydrated and we require more water to have proper digestion and maintain our
energy levels once you get to a certain stage of life your body works in a
different way so if we are dehydrated what kind of problems can that lead to a
lot of people get bloated upset stomachs because our digestive system is a little
uncooperative a lot of people get lethargic I know when I’m be hydrated I
don’t sleep well I lack energy I don’t absorb a lot of vitamins and
minerals that I need so that’s where the energy of lack of energy comes from so
you have three important tips for us to remember as we age and the first one
goes back to hydration for me it’s about how you hydrate I think a lot of people
forget so I always tell people not to wait till you actually feel the
sensation of being thirsty but to carry bottles around with you all the time so
you’re supposed to have half your body weight and fluid ounces per day so I
start my day with the water I will have eight ounces of water first thing I wake
up so I’m reminding my body this is what I’m going to give you throughout the day
as we get older we need that water to make sure our control systems are
working I actually drink water with electrolyte because electrolytes being
put back in your body are essentially vitamins and minerals that you need so
you need to put them back in because we are depleting them when we go to the
buses now got hydration gavvers tip number two is adjust what we’re putting
into our bodies what does that mean one of the things that happens as we get
older is we lose a lot of our digestive capabilities I’m one we’ve depleted a
lot of our enzymes which we need for digestion we don’t have as much stomach
acid to break things down I recommend having things that support digestion so
rather than having a ton of raw fruits and vegetables you can lightly cook
those things that’s a very easy solution anything fermented is going to help the
digestion process so I have 1 cup of kimchi every single day I added
interesting the only thing you really want to watch is the sodium levels your
third tip has to do with how much we’re putting in our bodies there is such a
thing as diminishing your calories as you get
older because our metabolisms are slowing and also for women especially as
we age our hormones are changing a lot more as we get older so our needs are
going to change we tend to think we can always eat the same amount everybody’s
going to be different so I don’t put a calorie number on it plate method is a
perfect way to describe a lunch or dinner an idyllic meal because half your
plate should be vegetables a quarter of it should be lean protein and a quarter
of it should be high-fiber whole grain energy can be a factor yeah right for
you so you say supplementation for the energy unfortunately one of the things
that happens as we get older is we don’t absorb as much vitamin D from the Sun as
we we really need so supplementation is necessary b12 is known for being an
energy boosting vitamin all right so what is the bottom line when it comes to
eating healthy as an older adult bottom line is hydrate eat things that improve
your digestion and supplement for energy as best you can I love it yes let’s
drink to that all right I can do that thanks ash like to see four more healthy
eating ideas head to our website living healthy
all right let’s hydrate right like I’m obsessed with this water

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