Edging to Increase Stamina (Simple Explanation)

Hi, I’m sex and relationship
coach Caitlin V and today I’m going to teach you the most important tool for lasting longer in bed and controlling exactly
when you ejaculate. That’s right. If you
learn nothing else, but you are able to put this
technique into practice, then that alone will help you to end premature
ejaculation forever. That’s right. Now, what is this tool
that I’m talking about? What is this practice
that once put into and implemented in your life can actually change the
way that you have sex. Change the way that you
relate to your body. Change the way that your
partner relates to your body. Give you an endless
amount of confidence because you know
exactly where you are and that you can cum
when you want to, where you want to. That tool is edging. Now, edging is just a practice. It’s something that
you can incorporate both in your masturbation and in your partner sex, and all it is, is a process
of learning exactly where your point
of no return is, so that you can get close
to it without crossing it. So, the point of no return, the point of ejaculatory
inevitability, we’ve all been there. It is the place where you know, you cannot stop this train, the momentum is there, you’re going to ejaculate. Now, does it always come
hand in hand with orgasm? Men you might know that
your orgasm and ejaculation are actually two
separate processes, but that’s another video. Right now I wanna focus
on how you can use edging in order to end premature
ejaculation and control when you cum. So Caitlin, how do you edge? Well, I’m glad that you asked. The process of edging is the
same as masturbating, right. You just pleasure yourself. You use the same techniques
to stimulate yourself up until the point of
no return and not past it. So, say you assign a 1-10 scale
to your level of arousal and 1 is not very
arousal at all, and 10 is ejaculating at
the point of no return. You are going to
stimulate yourself up until like a
seven, eight, nine at which point you will stop. You’ll stop stimulating yourself and you will let your
arousal subside. This is to give you time. This is to give your body time to
decrease the amount sensation, the closeness, the
arousal level. There’s a couple of
things that you can do. You can literally just
take your hands off and let your arousal
subside that way. You can pinch gently the tip of your penis between
your thumb and forefinger. That encourages blood
to leave the penis and therefore, decreasing
your level of arousal. But… and if you are
having sex with a partner, if you are edging
with a partner, this would be just you saying hey baby we gotta take a break, and stopping all stimulation. Maybe you start
going down on her. you just start fingering her, you go get a glass of water,
you make out for a little bit. Whatever you gotta do, let your body return
to a lower level. Maybe a three or a four
on the arousal scale. Now, once you’re there, you can go back to having sex, to masturbating, pleasing
yourself, stimulating your body, and again, you’ll notice that your
body starts creeping up closer, closer seven, eight,
nine, and then you stop. Most men find that they can edge in other words get all
the way up to that nine and then let their
arousal subside between three and five times during a masturbation
or a sex session. You’ll have to figure out exactly
what works best for you. I recommend that you
edge no less than twice each time that you
masturbate or have sex. The more that you do this, the more that you practice this, the better you will get
at knowing exactly where your point of no return is, and once you know
exactly where that is you know exactly when to stop. You’ll be confident
that you know, okay, right now is the time
that I need to pull back. I need to pull out
I need to chill. This kind of knowledge about
your body is so powerful. You will never feel like you are
at the whimsy of your body or its desires or its
arousal ever again. You’ll feel like you are
the person in control and you will be in control, and you’ll know exactly when
it is time for you to reach the point of no return. And you can make it happen
when you are ready to, and super awesome side
benefit of edging is that it will give you
some of the most amazing orgasms that you have ever
experienced in your life. No lie, I want you to try it
right now, and I want you to go rate in the comments
on a scale from 1- 10, how awesome edging was for you. I want you to go
into the comments, you don’t have to explain
what it was like, it’s enough to just
give me a number, okay. Compared to like the
average orgasm, compared to the average
masturbation whatever, give me a score on how
awesome that orgasm was. One of the first clients
that I ever taught edging to told me that he had and I quote, “a bone crushing orgasm” as a result of edging. Which… yeah take
it or leave it, that’s an interesting
way of describing it, but I was really
excited for him. He was really stoked for it, I actually ran into him
a couple months ago, and he was still
excited about it. So, edging, edging just a
process of getting yourself up close to the edge of
the point of no return without going over it. Use a scale from 1-10 in order to determine
how close you are to the edge and when you get to about
a eight or even a nine, take your hands off, do a light pinching, take a break from sex,
whatever you’ve got to do in order to let your
arousal subside. Make sure that you
bring yourself to your edge at least two times, but probably no more than five unless you practiced and you know that
that works for you, and when you do, make sure that you
write a comment below saying that it worked for you. Any other questions
that you have, or anything that you
want more information on, that would help you to have the most amazing
sex of your life. Go do this, go edge. It’s okay if you
fall over the edge a couple times accidentally, it happens to everyone. It’s part of the
learning process. This is coach Caitlin
V, signing out.

95 Replies to “Edging to Increase Stamina (Simple Explanation)”

  1. Truth. There is so much to discuss about, and I love the way you put this, ejaculatory inevitably. "Edging", or riding that stimulation wave like a California surfer, is that blissful place of ecstasy. Great advice and direction Caitlin!

  2. What if you tried all these techniques and you’re still pre ejaculating within a matter of minutes, should you consult a doctor?

  3. It is funny to see this video right in the morning when I was edging just last night. watching porn and edging for almost 3 hours! the last video was from mommyblowsbest starring Tia Cyrus. I managed to watch and edge at the end of the video, still could hold my ejaculation, but I had this feeling as if my dick is exploding! so I thought maybe it is actually better to let it out. but dear Caitlin, what if I don't ejaculate at the end, and just leave the poor meat alone after multiple times of edging and orgasming, wouldn't it cause any health issues related to your prostate and or testosterone?

  4. Cause like…when I didn't think about this I lasted forever…but once I heard about it and it was mentioned to me by my partner that they wanted it to last longer I have never been able to actually "have sex" ever since because I instantly reach a 9…

    It's like all men go through a process where they slowly over time last longer naturally but modern society took that away from them because their partners expect that and verbally ask for that and it vecomes something you start thinking about and working on instead of it happening naturally.

  5. it is better like 7 but at the same time you are full of energy if you do not come, I recommend not to do this before going to sleep at least 3 hours before going to bed for me is good but if you ejaculate any time is good thank You for the info …

  6. Hey Caitlin, you didnt warn these guys about the amount of ejaculate edging will produce, lol. If i do a 6 or 8 hr edging session i will produce 8 or 10 times the normal amount. Not to mention the power and distance it causes. Heads up guys, if you do this laying on your back, you better wear a mask or some glasses and have a couple beach towels handy. Doing it is a 10 for me. You have to warn these guys of these things…😁😁 great video caitlin!

  7. Excellent content
    I have watched so many of your videos just this week.

    I knew edging, but I am re-learning as I lost practice. It is so much pleasure & fun, can explain in words.

    I love the content & style of presentation.

    Can you do a few videos with more detail session with all the pros cons etc.

  8. Practice makes perfect when it comes to edging. I love this video, I love you Caitlin V. @AbandonedUp! on @Twitter πŸ’

  9. I used to last 20 minutes max having sex. But after edging for 6 weeks with a few mishaps I can last 5 hours straight without release. So thanks so much.

  10. I hate to say itm but ive edged to your videos. You are so pretty and sweet. Ive edged fot hours watching your vids. Talk about ejaculation. I needed 3 beach towels. You are the best!

  11. Caitlin a huge THANK YOU tried this for the first time when my wife and I was at the deed, and after 39 years the wife wondered what had got into me. I didn't tell her it was a beautiful blonde lady had taught me this practice. I will give the practice of "Edging" a score of an easy 10 and the change in my sex performance is another 10 plus another 10 from both my wife and myself for the much more improved togetherness. Again THANK YOU Caitlin πŸ’‹πŸ’‹β€οΈβ€οΈ

  12. Great advice. I’ve been edging and masturbating nonstop for the past 12 hours and haven’t ejaculated yet. Do you have a video on how to deal with hand cramps?

  13. What works for me is to take a nice deep breath and not stress the muscle so much. If I relax and breathe I get extra minutes.

  14. I have used the edging technique since my early teens (28 now) and I have gotten so adept at it that I can do it for over an hour or maybe even two. The feeling when you come is amazing and I sometimes surprise myself with how far i can ejaculate. I think you're very pretty and I have to admit I found this video very arousing because I'm a pervert and I freely admit it lol.

  15. Question does it matter what position you do this Like if u doing in a different position to what ud have sex in will it still work ?

  16. doing it for me it's fine but what about edging for a woman I can't seem to grasp it what techniques you need for the woman anyway of feeling and preventing it for her

  17. I can easily point out my point-of-no-return, and letting my arousal level drop, sometime my arousal level drop that I loose the erection or when starting up again it takes just a few seconds before point of no return is there again so it doesnt help that much

  18. Edging is great when you have a partner that likes the described changing between straight intercourse and stuff like oral sex, petting etc.

    However it won't help much if your current partner just wants to be penetrated hard and fast over a longer period of time. This however should be no problem as well, just try to continue after climaxing. It maybe feels very weird in the beginning, but you get used to it and you will most likely last longer after each climax. The important thing is that you just keep going, to stay hard. πŸ˜‰

    If that is no option, well edging and using of toys still covers a lot. πŸ˜€

  19. I usually end up edging unintentionally while watching porn because I only want to finish on just the right video/scene/act.

  20. I was on the edge then I read some of the saddest and most desperate comments. Thanks you tube stocker trolls you've given me a new perspective of my self image. Now I'm rock hard and enjoying being with my lady . If this is what's waiting for her if she leaves me then she should be the worried one.

  21. I'm pretty ive edged for like 3-5 times. After awhile of holding it back, you can increase your edging and pleasuring your partner longer.

  22. if you are edging and you ejaculate can you continue edging ? or wait a little bit than continue practice ? i can keep having sex and masturbating even after i ejaculate is it normal ?

  23. My point of no return is 5 sec….im fucked up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..no girlfriend for me than. I wish i could tell my younger self. "No masturbating yall". By the time i know how dangerous masturbating is..its already too late. Or "point of no return" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Goddamn i wish i could kill myself by burning my dick.

  24. Guys share your opinions, how's your PE condition, how long you are practicing?
    Some days ago, I edged for 54+ minutes, yesterday I edged for 28+ minutes…
    By the way, sometimes when I feel point of no return, I let my arousal level drop, then when starting up again it takes few seconds or a minute before PONR (point of no return), but then I squeeze the tip of my penis, and then it's okay.

  25. 1-10 scale of arousement per single round,
    i went till 8, 9 rounds,
    my score was 72,
    i swear to Venus that it felt close to 572

  26. Hi thanks for the very interesting video. I wonder how long an erection can be mantained without resulting in damages to the penis. One hour is ok ? thanks again. Kind regards, gino

  27. I lasted last night for 2hrs. My girl had more than 30 orgasms that our whole room was flooded with her squirt. So this is the side effect of edging.

  28. My masterclass for lasting longer in bed, bringing women to orgasm during sex, and developing unshakeable sexual confidence: https://secure.caitlinvneal.com/cwyw-special-offer

  29. Will This actually increase the time it takes to reach the "point of no return" Or does it just familiarize you with it. I want to have longer sex

  30. Can you make some more dense, technique-focused videos? I miss the old YouTube that didn't feel like watching TV.

  31. Can you orgasm with out ejaculating?
    Does this actually make you able to go for longer or do you just have to stop for the rest of your life?

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