Edmonton Women Untold Stories: Dr. Helen Steed

It’s hard enough to tell
a woman she has cancer, and see her think about, in her eyes, how it’s gonna affect her
children, her husband, her colleagues, every aspect of her life. I’m Dr. Steed and this is my story. Nobody in Edmonton was doing
Minimally Invasive Surgery for gynaecology cancer. I went away to Toronto
for robotic training and with the help of the
Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation we were able to fundraise,
have a daVinci purchased, and we’re very proud to
say it still is and remains the only robot in Canada
dedicated to women’s health. With a robot, the advantages are, they let you go home with kind
of four or five incisions, smaller than one of my fingers and use what we call straight
sticks to kind of go around corners that basically mimic
the motions of my human hand. For the patient, the biggest is the fact that they get back to
their function faster. I very much fell in love
with women’s health, just being an advocate
for women, in general, and being able to be a
part of people’s lives and potentially cure them. You leave at the end of the day, and every patient leaves
a different impact on you, and makes you see things differently. To be able to, you know, offer something like
robotic surgery where, you know, they go home the same night. They’re back to their function in society within two weeks. It empowers them to move
on to those next steps of their cancer journey. We’re a very busy family, raising three boys. I have a very supportive husband. He’s always been that
partner where it’s 50/50. They know that when I’m
away I’m trying to help make a difference in other people’s lives.

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