EKU’s Women’s Health Clinic Grand Opening

Student health services
is a very busy practice, and we haven’t been able to
provide comprehensive health care services to the
young women on the campus. It’s important to
have on-site services because we have busy
students committed to their academic endeavors. And for them to even go across
town, they take our advice. But putting it into
practice, and actually making an appointment
at an outside location often doesn’t happen. So many of their
health care needs go unaddressed for months. I think this is
such an exciting day because Eastern, like most
colleges the United States, have a female
population that is 60%. And women do need special care. And not all colleges have
a women’s health clinic. So I think this is a great
step for EKU moving forward. The Madison County Health
Department’s mission is to provide comprehensive
women’s health services as part of the
services they deliver to the community
on a daily basis. They have been wonderful
partners in the community, to bring these
services to campus. In fact, we couldn’t have
asked for a better partner when we were looking for somebody
to provide these services. A university cannot survive
without the uplifting, and without the help,
of the community. And the community
is economically tied to the university. So it really is just a
great mutual relationship, and it’s wonderful to
see it come out in a way that benefits
students so directly.

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