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  1. Hi Paul Andersen or anyone that knows the answer, 

    What software do you use for your presentations? I tried looking around but couldn't find any detail about it.


  2. Thank you for the interesting videos!

    There is something I don't understand about this topic. If we rearrange the formula "F= q x E" to find E (i.e. E= F/q), it shows that E (Electric field strength) and q (charge) have an inversely proportional relationship to one another. Which means that if we increase charge, E should decrease. 

    This video is stating the opposite isn't it? That if we increase charge, we also increase the electric field strength?

  3. can u plz tell me that in millikan's oil drop method
    By changimg the strength of electic field how the charge on each droplet was different

  4. Mr Anderson I have a doubt In JJ Thomson experiment whether the deflection is directly proportional to electric field intensity or not?
    Please explain @Bozeman_science @Anderson

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