Elephant Shows Rhino Who’s Boss!

Watch two of Africa’s Big 5 come face to face in an ancient rival standoff… Captured by 34-year-old Joe Gregory, while on a safari vacation. Joe gives his account to LatestSightings.com: “We embarked on our afternoon game drive and were driving around the marshy wetlands.” “We encountered a herd of elephant and a crash of rhinos – it was here where the standoff began.” “It was amazing to see & be a part of the standoff where a young elephant bull in musth showed this male white rhino who was boss.” “We could all physically feel the testosterone aura which surrounded the battlefield of these 2 ancient rivals.” “The sighting ended in a stalemate with no winner.” “I would, however, say, the balancing act of the branch and the elephant “throwing” the branch at the rhino was a somewhat cheeky ending to the tussle.”

100 Replies to “Elephant Shows Rhino Who’s Boss!”

  1. Elephant: "Boi, I told you to leave my hood, man, this is MY plains!"

    Rhino: "Whatchu gonna do, oversized slow rat?! You wanna piece of this?!"

    Elephant: "Piece of what?"

    Rhino: "My horn!"

    Elephant: Picks branch "This branch right here is LONGER than your dumb horn, man get out of here with that."

    Rhino: "Wh-"

    Elephant: "OoH lOoK aT mE, i HaVe a VeRtIcAl HoRn On My NoSe, I cAnT sEe EiThEr OoOoh! HipPoS aRe ScArIeR tHaN mE!"

    Rhino: "I'M GONNA KILL YOU"

    Elephant: Tosses branch "Come on then! Come at me! Do it!"

    Rhino: "My bad man, I got somewhere I need to be, take care bro."

  2. I would call that a draw. The elephant didn’t want any part of that rhino at full charge. Two heavyweights who both decided it wasn’t worth it.

  3. 0:56 the expression of rinho be like….. Wtf… This is the first time i have seen anything like that… N at the same time… Elephant is like… Yeah… Take that biach!!

  4. bless their hearts rhinos just can't see well my favorite animal unfortunately rhinos have been killed by elephants on occasion territorial disputes and such

  5. Elephants are highly intelligent animal …. O.K a branch on my head failed to scare you hud ? Next time I will use a tree trunk.

  6. I guess the elephant was posturing to avoid a violent confrontation with the rhino by scaring him off.

  7. Elephant: what do we have here? A dumb looking rhino with a horn on his face
    Rhino: Shut up
    Elephant: Puts stick on nose look at me I'm a stupid rhino with a horn on my face
    Rhino: That's not nice I'll kill you charges
    Elephant: Throws stick Get out of here!
    Rhino walks away yelping tail between his legs
    Elephant: nods That's what I thought

  8. odds for the elephant, super smart, super cautious and bigger. but that horn, that horn…… Elephant's not playing games or getting smart, he's fully alert to the danger, simply uses the stick to scare the rhino realizing his inferior intelligence.

  9. Only if the rhino was an Asian poacher and the elephant gored him to death. Would have been the funniest ending to this.

  10. Stalemate my ass that rhino knew not to dare fuck with that elephant. Rhinos will fuck anything up but an elephant. Find me a single case of a healthy elephant losing to any animal.

  11. There's no boss. Both are just making their presence known. They both backed up, perhaps to avoid physical confrontation. People make a big deal out of everything way more than animals do. On a side note: In a real fight, i don't think the rhino will back off nor will the elephant.

  12. The elephant had a back-up. The
    stick was thrown in desperation,
    totally without thought. You degrade your human intelligence
    by ascribing so much anthropo-

  13. Damn I was expecting the elephant to beat the shit out of the rhino with that stick. Love how it balanced it on its truck and when it threw it. Very intelligent.

  14. That branch throwing tactic was pretty intelligent. Rhinos have poor vision and was startled by the branch landing next to it when it started its mock charge and threw the rhino off completely. I wonder if elephants know rhinos can’t see all that well.

  15. This vid reminds me of my father in law and the old mother in law ! . . . .

    He of course the inmanculated rhino! 😆


  16. No. No. RHINOSAURUS WILL without question deliver a FATAL blow to the JUGULAR of these cocky fuggin elephants.

  17. Elephant picked up the stick like, knock it off my trunk n watch what happens 🤣🤣🤣 then when the rhino didn’t the elephant was like that’s what I thought pussy n threw the stick at the rhino🤣🤣🤣

  18. I dont ever wish to see animals fight, BUT, if a full grown male rhinoceras got into an actual fight with a full grown male bull elephant, i reckon that would be a pretty interesting battle.

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