Elite Strength on a Fruit Diet with Mike Vlasaty

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  1. If your sinuses only bother you in the winter… it may be that the air in your home is too dry. Hang a damp towel in your bedroom at night. If it resolves after two or three sleeps then you know this is the cause.

    Very inspiring! I do not consume much grain already but know my meat intake is too high. You and I share many experiences/theories about food (mine via fasting experiments). It is empowering to find someone else outside of the normal eating practices who has had the same results.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I got fooled by the color thinking those were 25kg plates. its only 200kg and you bounced it, i dunno if you are using the valsalvic maneuver.

  3. Hi Mike

    Good to hear you're thriving in life and have customised a way of eating that works for you.

    I also follow 80/10/10 and at certain time crave salt. Rather than use processed sea salt I use the natural organic sea vegetable samphire which grows on our local shore – works a treat!!

    Have you tried this?? xx

  4. Just learned so much from this. Very inspirational bro! I've been raw for 12 days I'm down to do this for the long run

  5. Truth is that Inflammation causes heart attacks, research done by Dr. Simmons in 1995, look it up Gabriels cousins, How to be successful on a raw vegan diet

  6. Thank you very much for sharing. Very helpful for beginners. Most of us are still under the spell of the meat-protein myth so this is reassuring. Awesome.

  7. Wow, bananas are $1.09 a pound in Seattle where I live.  Produce in general is just super expensive the farther one gets from the equator, it seems.  I grocery bill tops $300 a week.Worth it, though.  Still cheaper than a health care bill and the quality of life is at optimum spectacular! 🙂

  8. Cooking creates carzinogenes? Cooking means adding heat, heat means an acidic ph. Most people only eat dead/cooked food and that means acidosis. Acidic body=pain, swelling, inflammation, lymphatic stagnation. Alkali on the other hand are the fruits and veggies, raw. They detox, hydrate and regenerate the body.

  9. You lift so heavy yet you dont have much muscle. Clearly you would be more muscular and even stronger if you ate more beans tofu seitan tempeh nuts all that stuff

  10. Lasted all of three days on fruits only. Too much sugar and too expensive. Some people can't deal with all that sugar. And fruit my be cheaper but you need more by proportion to stay full. And coconut oil does not cause heart disease the sugar industry lied on saturated fat.

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  13. Plenty of proof in nature already so not risky at all compared to something like the Keto diet, Primates like the Gorilla and the Orangutan's diets are 60% fruit 🙂

  14. This way works. Period. I've seen countless videos of guys with great bodies. Not huge. But nicely toned. People slag it off because they're jealous. Or they've not the gumption to do it themselves.

  15. This video made sence and all and I agree with the fruit diet, but I'm not so shore about that salt stuff it doesn't seem so natural to me I mean after all salt IS NOT sodium, it's sodium CHLORIDE the chloride part isn't healthy you can get natural sodium from tomato's coconuts and those sort of thing's.

  16. Oh yeah and 440 lbs if very far from ELITE strenght. If you do it for 10 times with perfect technic, then yes, but how you do it, is very dangerous for your back and that kickback is bad thing.

  17. Vegans can’t build muscle. I’m 18 and I’ve been working out for 2 years and I’m bigger than you. I eat like a vegan but I add meat in my meals. When I’m 30 I will go full vegan

  18. Thank you for the presentation! I am with you 100%. As soon as I eat other than fruit based my poop slows down and I begin to experience sickness. Lots of phlem and mucous membrane/skin infections. Not to mention an over all fogginess, a bit of depression and low level pain. I notice the pain in my feet 1st since I always walk around barefoot. If my feet are feeling overly sensitive I know it's time for an enema and to check my diet. I think psychologically I must get over the programing. I keep finding myself thinking I am not getting enough from fruit, salads and seeds due to conventional thinking yet I always feel best when this is all I eat. I go for a period and then my mind is like,
    "you should have some legumes for extra protein" or "just have a tasty coconut curry for old times sake" then before I know it a week has passed and I have been eating cooked stuff and I'm all backed up with inflammation symptoms. Cooked food is addictive. Even if I eat to many seeds I get the same symptoms. It slows my digestion down. Like cement. But fruit, I can literally eat as much as I please. I have like 12 bananas and a plantain in my morning banana, pipa, kale, chia, spirulina, cinnamon smoothie and then a whole papaya and a couple mangos for lunch and giant salad for dinner. If I eat like this all is well in the world. I have adjusted my life so that I am always around fresh fruit between living in Costa Rica for the winters and planting a fruit forest on our land in the states for the summers.
    If I may ask what are your go to seeds and about how much do you eat of them?
    Sounds like the tropics would serve not only your sinuses but also your lifestyle

  19. I support the eating raw. The fact is all agriculture on a scale large enough to feed multicontinental populace still effects ecology as all other types of farming. Removal of ecosystems for agriculture livestock or not. The work quality of indigenous people is usually exploited. The Same as harvesting equipment/emissions, transport of that said crop for distribution, water useage. The narrative should be more on ethics, weather its life condition while there or not to at all. It would have to go to organics completely, watershed dispersed alot of fertilizers, pesticides ( nutrient spiraling) in to aquifers, water tables.

  20. Fruits are electrical and extremely good for your central nervous system in order for somebody to lift heavy weight you need to have a strong central nervous system which is why this man is so strong on just fruits

  21. ~ Fruits plus steroids can build muscle
    ~ If humans were made to be frugivores they'd properly metabolize fructose
    ~ plant foods are not nutritionally dense as they're mostly composed of fiber & water
    ~ Humans are not ruminants/fermenters.
    ~ Vegans are delusional, ignorant, fanatical imbeciles

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