Elsword basic guide – where to find stamina potion

“My stamina is ran out and I want to play more help me!” ‘”where can I find the stamina potion?” well,I can show you da wae theses are heroes coins you can exchange them with Ariel for stamina potion but you’ll need some luck (don’t hope for +8 it’s a lie) there now for the real tip you can find the heroes coin when you finished the dungeon with Velder flag the chance of Velder flag will appear is still unclear sorry about that don’t worry the flag will randomly appear in any level dungeon so don’t go crazy waste your stamina with grinding dungeon which lower than your level

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  1. I got +8 twice and I've only traded with that option like ten times my whole 7yrs playing. And that was back during sander but sadly I didn't know the value of a +8. I thought it was meh back then.

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