fort what’s going on dudes welcome back to
another episode of Elune here are four Mazar gaming and today guys we’re gonna
be going over the new packages that have come with the update back from Wednesday
I hadn’t recorded all done and my video was too long with the combination of
other things I was doing on the video so I just decided to record this part for
you guys and hopefully it’ll be shorter and then that way we just get to the
juicy stuff and you guys can’t take it for what it is but anyway we have had
three new packages come out on the update and this is the first set of
packages that is going to introduce the lucky pouch system which is an
additional item I don’t know if it’s gonna be going forward in every pack but
it probably not be like thinking regular renewal packs that we get like that’d be
like the Ruby pack and a um packs and the GM supports all that kind of stuff
but possibly for each new theme pack we get with new content you could
potentially see this or it could be a one-time only for this particular update
we’ll have to see but it is kind of neat it’s an orangey thing and basically how
its kind of even now it is is basically from how it levels out it’s about every
ten dollars you get one pouch so for instance the Fahrenheit costume cracker
and you get three lucky pouches and what this is guys this is gonna give you
either 50 large enhance zones 300 regular enhance stones it’s gonna or can
give you 300 regular seeds if you give you three class seeds three class seeds
of the five it can also give you a hundred ounce or a hundred thousand gold
so those are the different words you can get unfortunately the only super good
reward I would say it’s probably energy or are definitely the class seeds and
unfortunately um when I did my opening on another video I only got one batch of
class students from 10 different pouches so the rate is pretty low maybe I was
just really really unlucky but you know that’s a really hard thing the text
orangey because you got to spend a lot of money to test on rng so if anyone
else have really really you guys maybe bought like $100 pack or
$50 pack from this let me know them come section down below how many Class C
packs or Aeons you guys got I got to a on packs and I got the one class II pack
and the rest was the other you know less less worth stuff so but then it’s a
really cool addition so here we’re gonna go over now it’s going the nitty-gritty
of what you get in the packs this is pretty similar what we got from the
summer costume packs or you guys here we have the Fahrenheit costume you get you
need to get one Legend book you’re gonna get five ten seeds you get 300 pretty
rubies I would say the Fahrenheit pack is probably the easiest pass on pack the
heap it really Pathan simply because we probably all are sitting on a crap of
the tank seats unless you guys really want to go balls deep into promoting
your four star Nasser’s but me personally I don’t
promote um I think I promoted my green the back in the day when Rena was super
Opie and PvP and she was super amazing back in the day like when the game first
came out for also boss fights so I think I promoted one Rena even like Chloe
actually got naturally through fusion all three of them so anyway I would not
really if you guys have a Fahrenheit already I just this pack is probably the
easiest pass just because we don’t really need tank seeds the five think
seeds is a big pull in the pack overall cuz generally um you need you
pick your class seat that’s around $30 just for that plus the 300 premium so
the extra value you’re getting for this is literally one legend book and then
the three pouches which is just not worth the value and a lot of us mean
other seeds because we have so many other legend heroes like with the DPS
heroes and the deep buffer heroes and even the support heroes now with your
way ways and even your meds and then Sophia coming soon is gonna add another
support hero into the legend pull so keep that in mind we do move on and we
do a victorious package which I would say is more and I would more want to see
someone get this to be honest even though you only get the epic schoolbooks
but because you do get the five deep buff receipts if you really really want
to buy a caustic pack maybe this is a better for you
obviously Fahrenheit is a legend hero and you may use in a more content than
Victoria but this exist as well but once again costing
packs I would just pass on for the value to be honest so let’s go into these
harvest moon packs so these are the packs that if you’re gonna spend money
you’re probably gonna want to go for these unless you have you bought some of
the level of packs of the GM Sophia packs or the regular rubies the regular
ions you know first first purchase things
like that those are probably the ones you’re gonna be looking for so first we
have Harvest Moon a on bundle which you can get three times it is $30 so
obviously are going to get your 30 crystals for your paid currency you’re
gonna get your 300 premium rubies and then you’re gonna get 1500 ions straight
up not worth value only 1500 ions for $30 is basically what you’re getting for
extra value definitely not worth your money i I would even say the costume
packs are probably better because you’re getting five class seeds you’re getting
a book you’re getting some books you’re still getting the rubies and you’re
still going to lucky patches so literally they’re saying that 1500 ions
is worth more than five class seeds in a legend book or two epic skill books
that’s the difference here you guys will see here so I definitely think the
costume facts are way better than the first Harvest Moon pack even at only $30
so hard pass on that this I did buy so hashtag well hashtag golf and however
you guys filled out but this one is pretty darn good I’m sorry that’s a
special southern one this one value is pretty good you are gonna get a
five-star legendary hero you’re gonna get 1,000 premium rubies for your one
doubt before your $100 you know it balances out 100 premium rubies per $10
you’re gonna get 100 crystals obviously for the paid currency and then you’re
also gonna get to legend skill books and then you’re also gonna get 30 class
seeds in 10 lucky pouches so you’re getting that $10 to one pouch ratio
you’re getting that 100 rubies to 1/2 weren’t rubies to 10 I’m sorry yeah no
300 rubies – yeah what I’m it’s like he’s the $10 ratio wonder we send our
ratio but you are getting that that guaranteed five-star legendary summon
and you’re getting to legend books so why I say this is worth it in the 30
class seats even though we’re getting an additional one class II today this will
just put you so much further ahead in the long term of being able to get your
units developed because a lot of you guys probably out there if you’re free
to plays or casual spenders or even whales even even if you’re using your
120 rupees a day to get that extra four seats you’re still struggling I do that
every day and I’m still still still up too many legends I cannot evolve it’s
really we’re really starting to see the trend that possibly it is better to save
up your seeds and evolve a lot of your legends especially their legends that
you use in a lot of content even if like King ran with his buff units like Freya
units like obviously well you have two things you only get the six copies but
units also you know like bones even people are saying pull on your bones
copies don’t fuse those your meds if you guys are pulling magic I even see alveta
is worth holding on to and evolving not seizing I think Aslan and carp a not
Caroline are probably the only two units I would say to use but that he could
even change because they are gonna be getting buffed in the near future as
well again Caroline’s gonna get buffed again so keep that in mind guys with all
those different heroes that you know seeds are super super value getting 30
of them is a lot of seeds that is a lot of seeds so keep that in mind guys keep
in mind also anything we talked about today you guys can also apply to that if
you guys do decide to buy it before the end of the day I’m putting up at night
you guys have that purchase event of getting extra rewards which has seeds
and legendary summons and I think that was it not mistaken oh and some 10 full
premium tickets and single and single selling tickets as well so depending on
which one you guys want to spend you guys can get those rewards as well but
anyway this value I would say probably honestly overall is probably the best
pack to buy if you have 100 and peed on 100 we can look at the $50 pack but the
$30 pack straight past I would if you’re gonna spend 30 bucks get the GM Sophia
support because this what you guys are getting
here is you’re getting 30 free rubies a day and then one random item below or
yeah 33 rubies a day you’re getting 300 rubies premium you’re getting one
premium aluminum one ticket something and then you’re getting one of the
random things below enhance seed 100 seeds of Class C 60 Aeons gold 60 K or
30 fruit really so overall you have three good things in that lot
you have rubies ions and the Class C is all good the stones the regular seeds
and then the goal obviously not the greatest reward but this is something
you get 15 times on top of your value for your 300 premium rubies so this is
still better than the $30 pack up just getting an extra 1500 energy so
definitely better there just to give you guys a comparison straight up there from
that pack so now we’re moving into the harvest moon special sonic pack one kind
of similar I think to what they had before with the special song pack but
here guys what we’re gonna get you guys are gonna get to ten full tickets so ten
time pull tickets at n plus one you guys are gonna get the 1000 premium rubies up
actually so here you actually are getting extra premium rubies for your
dollar so this is where they’re trying to say this is more of a pure summon
pack because you’re actually getting doubled because if you guys look here
you only got 1000 premium rubies you both get 1000 free rubies but you only
had to spend $50 for this one right and the other one you didn’t spend 100 and
you’re getting 500 ions in the 500 key back now obviously you’re not getting
all the other juicy things from the mega fortune pack which is the guaranteed
legend summon which is the 30 class seeds which is the two legend books
so obviously you guys can see the value of where it’s different this is more
emphasizing on Suns hence why it’s called the Harvest Moon
special summon pack so this is more on summons so if you want to pull and you
want to pull pull pull pull pull then this is probably better but if you
just want overall value and progression in your account I still filled Omega
fortune is better but this for 50 bucks is still not bad
value in comparison to some of the others because you’re getting double the
amount of normal premium rubies and you’re going to need that 500 stamina
and basically the extra stuff you’re paying for is you’re going to be getting
the the base leg where the values coming in is going to be for the legends for
the two ten full tickets so not a bad value considering you’re getting double
the amount of premium rubies and the value for the extra money is going to
obviously be the selling tickets and then the 500 energy so we move on to the
file pack which is another 100 or our pack so obviously you’re gonna be
getting your 100 our crystals but here for that double the value basically
we’re doubling everything here so you’re getting 2000 premium rubies which is
double the amount of Peru ease you normally get per dollar and then you’re
also getting 1000 ions which is worse you’re getting the value of them in the
hundred dollars and then we’re getting for summon ten coal tickets and then 10
lucky pouches and once again the lucky pouches break down to basically every
ten dollars you’re getting one lucky pouch so that’s where the lucky patcher
value goes in so that was Universal across the board the lucky pouches
didn’t change from dollar to dollar but definitely this is again where we’re
seeing that where the special selling packs are giving you more of the premium
currency and they’re giving you you know not as much value progression when it
comes to seeds and it comes to guarantee you like legend or a or a legend books
so depending what you want to do you have the option if you want to spend a
hundred bucks on the game you can either go full on on summons with the preemie
rubies if you’re gonna be if you’re trying to pull for medgen or you can
roll the dice and you can try to get medgen in that in that ticket so the one
wasn’t Vikki you guys did get cuz she is in the legend pool for the legend five
star or four star legend tickets that we now get in the game so that is confirmed
but you know it really just depends on what you guys want to do me personally
so the way I see it if you guys are sitting on legends
definitely the mega fortune is better because you’re gonna guarantee I’ve
never done it ten I a 10 a 10 C 220 CDI
on on seats and not gotten at least one of each class so you’re gonna get
progression to you know how diverse your boxes of what different legends you have
it five star four star that you haven’t been able to evolve yet to six star
right so that’s where I feel the mega fortunes still overall is better for
pure account progression but it’s pretty cool you guys have all the options now
are these insane value to where like I really want to spend and buy all of them
no they’re not they’re not like Black Friday packs or Christmas packs where
the value is just crazy crazy good and it’s really worth it so overall you know
like I said if you want to spend money on the game you want to support the
developers you want to support the game of you looking for things to buy if
you’re looking in the $30 range I still say don’t buy Harvest Moon if
you really really want to buy a costume pack guess you can but I’d definitely
buy like the level up Ruby packs first like the first one the level of one is
really really good value this is $30 and look at all the rubies you guys get
there 500 900 1200 rubies it looks like 666 yeah 1200 rubies 300 of them being
premium for $30 I still feel that’s way way better than the regular Harvest Moon
pact the initial a on practice of giving the getting the 1500 ions so but that is
gonna be the video guys let me know if you guys thing in these packs and it
comes section down below did you guys buy any of them how are you guys not
buying them because there were a certain reason are you looking for certain
things if you add impacts I’ve aren’t being added let me know in the comment
section down below guys and I’ll definitely be sharing this in the
discord groups the GM so hopefully if you guys have a lot of great feedback
for how they should structure packs in the future for the next event hopefully
they’ll take them consideration maybe puts you guys think really really
lowering the price now I love for them to be like yes we get the Harvest Moon
packed for 50 bucks but I don’t be that generous but we can always try right and
see what they say but thank you guys so much for supporting the channel today if
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