EMAX – Introducing BUZZ

– [Announcer] This is
the all-new EMAX Buzz. With a striking look and
intuitive implementation, the Buzz is a sharp
turn towards the future. It’s our purest realization
of flight performance, allowing the pilot and drone
to synchronize in the air for maximum proficiency
in any situation. From the beginning of
design, center of gravity and durability were key elements in outlining the design
goals of the Buzz. Utilizing advanced composite,
3k woven carbon fiber, robustness is gained,
while minimizing weight. In order to protect
the drone from impact, the FPV camera mount
was designed around aerospace-grade aluminium,
further improving the fortitude of the frame, and giving
pilots the confidence they need for a prime flight experience. With the newly
designed freestyle
brushless motor system, EMAX’s technology pushes
new boundaries in terms of performance and
responsiveness, to
allow smooth feedback, giving pilots a greater
sense of stability. Pilots will be able to
customize their flight characteristics with two
different propellor options. The AVAN Flow will maximize
the speed, efficiency, and performance of the
Buzz for superior control. While the AVAN Scimitar will
lengthen your flight times, and survive any accident
with unrivaled persistence. Whether going out on adventures, or flying with friends,
you can experience life in the skies with
the new EMAX Buzz. (adventurous music)

40 Replies to “EMAX – Introducing BUZZ”

  1. Bad vtx, f4, camera that I would only accept in a micro… all a little lack luster for the price, really…

    The name however is fuckin glorious!

  2. For an experienced/intermediate pilot which version would you recommend, 4s or 6s? I have plenty of packs for both.

  3. emax shod send me one to test i own every emax there is and i love everyone of them so if emax did send me one id give a honest review

  4. This quad is so sick. I just hate that its RED. EMAX should definatley make an all black option. Most people like to customize and show personality or just be different, kind of hard when the whole quad is red

  5. Anything that is built with the Avan props in mind has got to be exciting, love them props, which reminds me, I must order some more. πŸ˜‰

  6. What betaflight tune is on the 4s version?? 3.5.7 ? Love the hawk so much..I got a couple and thinking on another lol

  7. I thought I was looking at a Ferrari add then I saw it was a drone 😊☺😁 So I have to buy batteries (which ones) goggles (which ones) and controller (which one ) :)))) Does it has support for gpro 7 or easy to mount it? Great drone!

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