5 Replies to “Embattled Former USC Gynecologist George Tyndall Makes Bail”

  1. The whole point on having a jail and prison system is to correct the individual from the acts he or she committed. Everyone makes mistakes. Time to end the system NOW

  2. 53 years for sex assault on 16 women is too excessive give him 2 years. jail and prison is bad . Enough already no one on planet earth is pure

  3. Any man that takes that profession is a straight up pervert no other way around it… Like come on really. I think men shouldn't be able to be Gyno's..

  4. I don't believe the women. This new generation of women are evil to the core. Heartless, cold blooded, & liars.

    How many times has man been falsely accused? If someone felt some type of way they should've reported it immediately.

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