Emotionally intelligent robot reads customers’ moods and recommends drinks

not just in the game of go but
artificial intelligence has become integrated in people’s lives where it
would be in everyday devices and online experiences but AI at the moment lacks
emotional elements and Korean companies are working to resolve that ASEAN has
more sometimes you just don’t know what food or beverage you feel like ordering
but for their smart ordering robots called poker it’s written all over your
face within just seconds of approaching the
robot it can come up with recommendations to match your mood and
greet your accordingly if you’re a returning customer it’s no longer only
about intelligence the ability to process and respond to complex human
emotions is becoming just as important using facial recognition based on deep
learning the AI robot remembers who you are by detecting your age gender and
physical features to offer a swift and personalized service for speech
recognition a lot of noise can get in the way especially @drive moves across
restaurants in the US which use our solution there are customers with a
range of accents so this is much easier for them to communicate for a screen and
has a low bar to remember their special preferences and options this kind of
mass customization of services is one of the key sectors of AI that small and
medium-sized businesses are expected to thrive in to support such ventures the
government and its national AI strategy has pledged the boost funding for
startups in the field and will dish out 4.2 billion dollars in 2020 alone but
experts say it will take more than subsidies to create Korea’s own Silicon
Valley so one of the great strengths of the u.s. is a high-tech startup system
you know we have and we have now 30% more high-tech startups than we did a
decade ago we found out that in California there’s a high-tech startup
every six or seven minutes phenomena what do you think about it so part of
that is just the fact that in the u.s. we have what some people call
permissionless innovation you don’t need to go to the government to get
permission you can just innovate Korea’s precautionary policies or new
technologies have been criticized as a barrier to innovation the government
appears to have taken heed pledging to create a
in 2020 that will allow firms to innovate without seeking permission but
to truly enable out-of-the-box ventures and technology many say Korea needs to
loosen strict restrictions on using data which has seen as the fuel of AI
technology or Sooyoung Arirang news

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