Empower care teams with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft – Empower Care Teams With most jobs, things aren’t really a matter of life or death. But in healthcare, it often is. Make sure technology isn’t one of the hurdles
affecting your patient outcomes. How can I help care teams connect with patients, increase communication, and collaborate more efficiently? How can I continuously monitor the patient’s condition by gathering data from remote devices to provide timely alerts, interventions, and personalized treatment plans? Microsoft technology integrates with clinical systems and unlocks the full potential of your health records, to help your staff securely share information, accelerate decision making, and reduce time-to-treatment. Here’s how. Meet Felipe. He has a heart condition and uses a wearable device to monitor it. He’s overdone it on his bicycle, prompting an automated alert
to his Health Coach, Ashley. Ashley immediately calls Felipe, then schedules an appointment with his doctor. Felipe’s doctor uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud solutions to access insights from his medical records
and forms a team of remote specialists to develop a personalized care plan. From the comfort of his home, Felipe interfaces with an AI-based Microsoft Healthcare bot to update his information and ask questions in real time. These interactions are stored in his profile, enabling his doctors to tailor their care to his personal preferences and go way beyond traditional EHR data. Microsoft empowers healthcare organizations of all sizes to reimagine the way they bring together people, data, and processes to empower care teams. We do this by helping enable secure knowledge
sharing to better monitor patients’ conditions and accelerate decision-making.

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