Emtone – Deborah Wilson M.D. and Associates Gynecology of Scottsdale, Arizona

(upbeat music) – Hello, I’m Dr. Deborah Wilson and I’m here to talk to
you today about Emtone, and it is for the treatment of cellulite. Now, no matter how much you workout you’re going to have a little cellulite. It’s just the way it is. The problem is that fat gets caught in fibrous tissue: we accumulate toxic
waste and the skin ages and so all that contributes
to the formation of cellulite or kind of crepey … kind
of a crepey dimpled skin often on the upper thighs, sometimes on the arms, abdomen, inner thighs and anterior thighs. So, Emtone is radiofrequency energy and what we call targeted pressure energy. So you have two different kinds of energy working to break up these fibrous bands that hold the fat cells and also reduce the size of the fat cells and bring in new collagen and get rid of some of the toxic waste and revitalize the skin so
that, that cellulite goes away. So if you have cellulite and almost anybody does, and no matter how good a shape you’re in, you might want to consider Emtone. You know, summer’s coming up; you’re going to be in a bathing suit. It’s kind of nice not to
have a wonderful figure except for cellulite on your upper thighs. It is a painless treatment. It’s a short treatment; 15, 20 minutes. We usually sell it in packages of four and it is very effective at
getting rid of cellulite. Our patients tell us that
they’ve tried a number of other modalities to
get rid of cellulite but this really works. (upbeat music)

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