[ENG CC] SF9 Stamina king challenge – Outdoor episode

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do not take out [Stamina king]
Outdoor episode Where are we now? [Excited Youngbin who went outside]
Waaaaah -We’re at a park
-We’re at a park beside our company We are here at the park now to show you how we usually do work out daily Watch us [Me too, arm exercise…]
[Timid arm exercise] This is the workout Inseong always does [Fantasy are you watching] [Walked out fast] Don’t you have any other thing to show? What is this for? It is a good exercise that enhances the cardiopulmonary functions and strengthens the strength of the upper body of the upper abdomen -Chani
-Yes? Look here -Chani
-Yeah Which part did you focus on when you exercise? I don’t use these tools for my height to grow I jump when the hyungs are using tools like this -Ah.. really? (no soul)
-Yes [Moment of silence] [Just go..]
[Polite Dawon who greets before he go] [Bye~] What are you doing? I’m doing exercise now What kind of exercise? This is called ‘Get air’ exercise so [What is this hyung doing..?]
Its like feeling the wind by its height I exercise like this [Say anything party]
Does it feel like Lamaze breathing technique? That’s right [Say anything party 2]
Try breathing from above [Say anything party 2]
Middle part too [Taeyang going to rest after exercising] You thought I would ask you a question right? No, I didn’t expect anything -You’re that kind of hyung
-What do you mean? A good hyung~ What are you doing? I’m maintaining my balance Ah… okay… [Suddenly quitting MC exercising Dawon]
-Hello I’m Lee Sanghyuk who lives in Ilsan
(23, variety promising future) Dawon.. Q. The most important thing when exercising? Mind!! The mind that thinks you can do for a long time Can you do for a long time in this state? [Bad hand Rowoon]
Rowoon is hitting your back, do you think you can do it for a long time? [A worse hand]
I can do it for 3 days Wait a minute 3x Me and Taeyang are the main part of the exercise -I’ve made a name for it
-What is this exercise? What is it… Solar system dance It keeps spinning We’ll show it Oh it keeps spinning But there is intensity level here Its easy now I will show you hard mode Ready, start [Flying Taeyang] From what i’ve seen I think that guy has no talent [Talented Chani] [Rowoon kid who is calling SF9 kids to gather]
-Come here kids
-Yeeeesss I feel so good going outside And because we train ourselves while exercising -We could also do more cool choreography
-That’s right Therefore we will not stop exercising You can become healthy if you exercise Exercise like us and be healthy Let’s greet, 2, 3 this has been SF9

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  1. เราต้องทําได้สู้ๆคะ ชินดา says:


  2. Taeyang's exercise really motivated me to get up from bed and do some exercise. You're an inspiration, my boy <3 XD XD

  3. thanks for subbing. I hope they always happy and healthy like this forever, my kids /why I'm getting emotional/ 😭😭😭

  4. ellos estan bien pero tienen que marcar músculo no tanto pero algo, tae dandole la mano a hwi y ro molestando a da por detras

  5. Taeyang is so talented at breathing and flying away. How do I reach the skill level of that ray of sunshine?

  6. they are playing at the park in front of sm building . i think it a old sm building . i heard that sm already moved (idk if this true) . and seem like some of them are looking at the building . when they said that the park were beside their company automatically I think abt sm ent

  7. 2:54, when mama Rowoon gets something out of Dawonie's hair, the baby duckling admires and kisses him as a thank you. SO ADORABLE!!! XD

  8. why does jaeyoon look like a businessman going for his morning exercise before his meeting

  9. I finally surrender to Dawon. Youngbin-ah…미안해 ㅠㅠ Hwiyoung…I'll always love you😢

    I keep replaying the part when Rowoon called the members and Dawon was acting like a little kid (coffcofflikehimselfcoffcoff) later he kiss Rowonnie cheek♡

  10. hey, ty for all the subs, you're really the best!!!
    annnd i have a question: do you gonna translate episodes with each member?
    love u♥

    Me: I am exercising. Have you seen the Taeyang exercise?

  12. 🙄🙄🙄🙄😶😶😶😶😶😐😁😂

  13. you guys are awesome you all have such nice personality keep the music going and always have fun in your life love America

  14. Dawon @ 2:57 is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life he's such a little boy look how small he is next to Rowoon I'm crying now

  15. Lol is no one going to comment that Ro legit tried to poke Dawon in the butthole? 2:20 killed me..😂😂

  16. Youngbin is Peter Pan and SF9 are his Lost Boys!!!!! Our playful school boys of their playground lol enjoy 🤗🤗🤗

  17. 아이컨택하는기분넘죠타ㅠㅠ♡♡

  18. I'm at Taeyang's level of excercising😂😂 and I can't get over Hwiyoung's cuteness, he's just so cute.🔝😍💕

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