[Eng Sub] 테크닉, 사이즈, 체력 중 뭐가 중요해? 야외XX 어디서 해봤어? 5초내로 대답해! Technique, Size, and Stamina? [스푸닝-78화]

Favorite s*x positions Dog*y style, Side way… Standing position Dog*y style, Missionary… Side way! Dog*y style, Side way Missionay postion! 69, Dog*y Style. Italian chandelier Windmill(?) Dog*y style What else? Standing position Like this LOL Open you legs ass**le Honestly, positions don’t matter.. for me LOL What do you like in a partner appearance? Pen*s! As*! Chest! Chest, As*… Arm! Pen*s! Face Height! Eyes! (Right) Bo*b (Left)Bo*b Face Di*k Where have you had outdoor s*x? Playground! Sauna! Public restroom .. LOL What if I haven’t done? I haven’t done! If you have a chance, where do you like it? Private Karaoke restroom Yeouido Park School Background.. On the bench in a park River side.. Han-gang river park In a car! , Rooftop.. Roadside LOL LOL LOL LOL why? Seriously? Roadside? What is the most important
between Technics, Size and Stamina? PHYSIQUE(?), Size, the last one Stamina Technics and Size Size, Stamina! and Technics TECHNICS Stamina SIZE Technics! Size! Stamina! The Priority would be SIZE In the old time I can help with the Stamina I made mistake Physique for Stamina.. Men hug like this on the top Then It would be okay if he has a small pen*s When is your first kiss? 3rd year in the middle school? 2nd year in the middle school FIrst kiss?uhm….. in the elementary school 1st year in the high school in the ex boyfriend room! Too much information 1st year in the high school 15years ..? 16years old? (It’s 17 years old) Honestly I’ve done… in the kindergarden men’s restroom… When is your last kiss? Today.. LOL Uhm.. In the last weekend 2 days ago (In my dream❤️) 6 months ago????? a year ago… The day.. my last kiss All your story is based on a years ago experience? Yes.. it is.. Can you imagine how it’s difficult? My s*xually sensitive area? Neck, waist, and there… Neck! Sholder! clavicle Tongue As* (Right) NIPP*E! (Left) NIPP*E Clitor*s! The perineal region(?) Glans pen*s Mouth Of course, It depends some people make me exited I feel exited sometimes My favorite Porns genres Western China India $M GangB*ng Thre**ome GangB*ng and…. R*pe African American Squ*irt Squ*rt!! GangB**g outdoor S*x White.. Do you know Massage Porns? Massage Videos! Using gel and robbing bo*bs LIKE THIS Any YouTube subscriber do you remember? Mentoco el.. wing watch(?) Park…. Hyung Seo? Wait a second!! I only remember the chihuahua picture Last name el Im Hye Young and… I don’t remember I don’t know English Let’s be… and… I’m sorry You know how much I love you? I’m sorry too.. I always appreciate our subscribers. you know? People recently haven’t mentioned me.. I only remember people who mention me (Kidding)First scene Do you Subscribe? or… Fail! Second Scene Subscribe or I hit you Fail again! Third Scene Subscribe or I’ll hit you Fail again 4th… Subscribe or I’ll hit you Success? Do you like it? I don’t know it fit me Subscribe or I’ll hit you

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