English Song Festival Process (José Miguel Awards)

Hi everybody, we wrote a new history in
Copacabana and we did it with you, the actors of this really. The same that
began in 2010. Five festivals where the beginning for the moment we are living
now. The six festival full of multiplicity of forms and expressions
of verbal and non-verbal languages. The soundness and the world visions like intimate spheres turns towards sensation of the universal become strong an infinite mixture that allows communication through an universal language “Music.”
This language becomes a strong potential in order to nourish our deepest
personal and collective feelings, along with wide and deep reflection on our educational field. Version after version, the festival has been
consolidated and wide borders, it has also projected and incorporated pedagogical and technological components in order to embark on a national bilingual project.
In essence a human team that keeps on working with the mystique and passion
for an ideal our festival. Melodies of social inclusion and peace which
provides opportunities where children and teens can construct an actual
coexistence across the scenario that promotes artistic and social convergence
as a symbol of peace and social inclusion. Going ahead with this project, constitutes
a pacific and harmonious response to violence. It is a tacit compromise
among institutional community and the collective meaning of the festival, the
space to develop other ways of seeing the reality and start dreaming
again with the country with deep social gestures of concilation. Our recognition
and applause to the thousand of students, alumni and parents that they
have understood the festival through the different stages as a construction of an
ethical, political and educational reality. To each of the educators who
have placed in the distinctive mark of support and service to appreciate the work of an institution in benefit of municipality and a region. We are very
grateful to our principals and coordinators from both public and
private schools in Copacabana. Our strategic allies; private corporations have
shared our social objective has an answer to much-needed social
responsibility at the regional, local and national levels. For me it is art and good time! Hapiness and emotions! Nervousness and excitement! Opportunity! Love and Happiness! From the bottom of our hearts thank you for considering this musical
adventure. Welcome to the English Song Festival 2018

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