English Tenses Exercise – Grammar Practice

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  1. Oh my God! I've been doing this quiz for a few days now and today i have scored worse than ever! My long term plan is to teach english to foreigners, i hope i understand all my tenses eventually! lol

  2. why is it not OK to say "She will have visited London this time next Year?" (Future, Perfect, Simple?) Does the answer have to be "She will be visiting London this time next year" (Future Continuous). An improvement only 4 wrong this time, only 3 if you read what i've typed in the previous sentence! I also got the last one wrong: going to (future) Big Improvement, proved to myself you can teach an old dog new tricks! Ha Ha!

  3. By the end of the exercise I made five mistakes……..and I study English as a second language in Finnish high school.

  4. Hello!
    I have a question about exercise 12: "Have you decided to take the train? No, I ….. take the bus." (6:00).
    I thought that we have to answer in the same tense… like: "No, I have decided take the bus."
    Then I thought that it is not the verb that we have to conjugate… but the verb is to wait… so could it be: " "No, I am going to wait for the bus."?

  5. Thank you so much for your great video, as always. I have a question about the present perfect tense without a specific time reference like this. Is it correct to say "Imposing carbon tax has long been a controversial policy" or "Imposing carbon tax has been a controversial policy for decades"?

  6. Oh my god thank you so much!!! This lesson has totally saved me from a mental breakdown for my English final tomorrow morning! Loved it!

  7. I am really confused about tenses but after watching all your tenses lessons I got 25/25 on this exercise thank you so much

  8. So thankful for all your video!! For question 12, can I answer, I have decided to take the bus instead of I am going to take the bus?

  9. I can’t understand why we used the past perfect continuous in the example “I had been waiting for the bus for an hour when it finally arrived “. I thought the past continuous (was waiting) would be more appropriate .

  10. Anglo-Link is for me the best youtube series about English grammar.
    I've made two mistakes. I've chosen two times the future perfect continuous tense instead of the future perfect tense
    although there was no information in the sentence for how long the action was going on.

  11. Quite challenging, but because I watched most of your videos on tenses – especially the last one that reviewed them all – I was prepared well and got 84% correct. I think that I got stuck on a few that might have had 2 correct responses, but frankly, my mind is too tired to go back to check which ones.

  12. I have been through all English video lessons on YouTube but yours is incredible. You are so amazing teacher . I have watched all your videos honestly they were all beyond words . Well done and keep it up .

  13. Even though the task was kind of complicating , I love it , I really respect and appreciate your help and support that came back from you , may God bless you 🙏❤️

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