Enterprise Capabilities

Getting into OU Campus has pulled
our cross campus web team together. We moved away from RedDot because our content contributors really struggled with the interface. They just couldn’t
get the work done and that, plus the fact that RedDot just atrophied and withered away and never progressed as a product. You know one of the big
challenges we had you know of course within universities you’ve got a lot of
different technologies across campus and we had a fairly large you know Mac Apple
population and RedDot was supposed to be compliant across the board, browser
agnostic, platform agnostic, the whole nine yards. That’s why, you know, we bought into
it. Turns out it wasn’t. Our evaluation process when we started looking for new
CMS was really big. We included webmasters from across the campus. We
also engaged with our content contributors directly. Very high on our
list of needs was a end-user experience for content contributors that was what
it was promised to be, which was easy to use, intuitive, cross-browser compatible,
cross platform compatible. We knew that we needed things like form builders
that were robust, that had database backends. We knew we needed to have some
way of adding some dynamic-ness to our web without leveraging all of our
programmers and programming time to put all of that in. We needed scalability, we
needed a platform that was robust and tried and true. We needed a vendor that
was focused on higher education, you know, and really wanted to help us and listen
to us and work with us. So those were the high-level, you know, real critical needs
and things that we were looking for and we found those things in OU Campus.
OU Campus has solved some problems for us. The text editor is fantastic. It’s
cross-browser compatible. It delivers on the promises that were put out there. Our
code is clean, W3C compliant. We don’t have any images without alt tags, just
things like that that we should have had for 10 years and didn’t, you know, we now
have. The focus of OmniUpdate on higher education is critical because we’re not
for profit, but we’re not a company with money, aid to throw at a problem or
solution and we’re very disenfranchised. You know, the structure and makeup of
university web staff is not typically strategic. It’s organic, built out of the
early 90s, and it’s broken. When a company focuses on
those issues and tries to help us fix those issues, we’re all progressing
forward. Every single interaction with OmniUpdate has always been incredibly
positive and cheerful and good. The responsiveness of the company is huge,
the support of the company is huge. The focus of the company is huge.
All good things for us.

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