Erica L. Smith, MD

I’m Dr. Erica Smith, I was born and raised in rural West Virginia. After medical school I decided to become an OBGYN, and in my desire to help women and looking
across the country I decided that Cache Valley was an excellent place to achieve that goal. My husband and I love Cache Valley, we’re avid hikers and flyfisher people and so we routinely hike. Over the summer
we try to hit a new trail every week and our goal is to hike all of Logan
Canyon and really we’ve made it about halfway on the little hiking guidebook. I absolutely love OBGYN because it enables me to help influence young ladies lives. I feel like I meet them
throughout all of the milestones in their life. l treat them as they’re
starting menarche, their first period. I see them again as they’re getting married, then as they’re excited about a new baby, and so I have
the ability to talk to them, and coach them through all of theser milestone 13 pink one in the most common
misconceptions and they’ll be doing an adventure always can have a pelvic exam specially
for my family under the name to me team and they come
in complaint I can access them ask them questions and and order casting and they may not
actually me and helping and so named San be overly
concerned about that hard we may eventually do you want but
it doesn’t have to be the first from the most rewarding am patient I
work with him I am left hand I am really enjoying monitoring and keeping track em things that they’re
going especially when it comes to people in heaven period and this can be really crippling young lady s change
exports and a flexible workspace think she’s
buildings I’m I can are testing in a lot of times
we can monahan min that she can go to school in worry
about buying we offer a wide variety of dining
options our goal was really thing delivery and and that doesn’t
involve monitoring so it will always include some fine and monitoring into office and
mobile monitoring whining mine entrance of an 81 to get in the town are in the shower we
can either intimately mein tere try to
monitor my children environment and we have course of a the conventional
come in and get a nap after all but that’s not why everyone and so we try to best way usually be an
individual and setting our goal is to have a safe
delivery and as long as we have a thing I’m their desires anything it’s really
their day

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  1. Get to know Dr. Erica L. Smith in this video. She's an OB/GYN at Logan Regional Hospital and Budge Clinic.

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