Erik Devine, challenges of protecting Personal Healthcare Information

Hello, my name is Eric Divine,chief
security officer for Riverside Medical Center. Riverside is located 50 miles south of
Chicago. We are a full-service hospital, Senior Living Center, health and fitness
center. Include over 2,400 employees and service over
350,000 patients a year. Security in health care is changing
because it needs to change. Process and workflow is requiring
information security. Because of health information exchange,
government regulations are changing for HIPPA and PHI needs to be secured at rest and in transit. The biggest threats to
Riverside, which I think any company has, is the
internal employees. Employee awareness is typically not
where it needs to be for information security. So our job is to increase awareness and
education for those employees because they are our skin to the body’s
defense for information security. Riverside also needs to be concerned
about the personal health information of their patients, whether it be in transit
or at rest, to be encrypted and secured in the data
center, or in our business associates hands. Where Riverside has benefited from using
Kaspersky, has been the accuracy and dependability of their malware suite, their
full disk encryption to thwart any type of physical security
breaches and also we’ve noticed the increase in
speed due to the resources used while the Kaspersky agents running on a PC, which helps us with all the imaging that
crosses radiologist laptop, workstation, or any ER doctors
PC when they need data the fastest. What Kaspersky does to make my job easier is to give me the ability to know my
end-users, my end-points, my network, and everything that sits on that
network. Without knowing your network, you can’t
secure devices. It gives us the inventory, the ability to protect, above and beyond
anything we’ve ever expected. We’re really happy with Kaspersky
solution. We’ve seen an improvement with end-user results, end-user happiness and in the end, it’s all
about the patient and I think that’s where Kaspersky shines.

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