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  1. 10% of the cost in the States?! WTFOMFG!!! That's great for them, but embarassing for we American'ts… I'm personally embarassed.
    Well, the example he used was 1% the price in the states. Wow. Good for them, but why can't we learn from them? Why are we so concentrated on profit?

  2. yeah but helping foreign nations breeds a positive world imagine and internal efficacy in foreigners which would improve trade, travel and probably a lot more things. if we start helping people it would really pay off everywhere

  3. Most of the misery in this earth is because of the precious white man you parasite! Get over yourself and dont take your opinions seriously.

    Just because you thought of some fucked up argument like this one, it doesnt mean that it has any value. Thats just the effect of watching too much American news channels that gave you the illusion that this is actually an intelligent point. Believe me its not.

  4. White man is doing what? WTF is your problem, you idiot? The people who help others help them because they see poverty and want to alleviate it. The whole affirmative action thing in America is due to restitution for slavery and economic bondage in the United States (which I oppose). The only seriously good ting white men did weren't because they were white; it's because they had the right to education. AFrica is fucked up because of the IMF and stupid dictators supported by companies.

  5. White men took power becaue of gun powder and because they took advantage of others' trust, like the pilgrims that came to America. Then they enslaved people and exploited the shit out of them. They free-rode on others' backs for centuries. I think that is more than enought "compensation" fro their contributions to the world.

  6. to be morally backwards is an entirely relative concept and disrespectful of cultural values other then your own.

  7. Excellent talk. One day, I hope to contribute to health care in Africa with my time and money.

    ultraworshit: I won't say I want you to die; but, when you do, I hope it's slow.

  8. ManWithGoodHands is correct in saying that certain morals transcend cultural boundaries. We must affirm this if we are compassionate human beings; the alternative is apathetic nihilism. But it is true that white people have contributed to much of the suffering currently ongoing in Africa; it is not that Africans are saints, but that Europeans have behaved no better, and have therefore worsened war, slavery, tyranny, and poverty in the continent. We are only starting to repay that debt.

  9. Africans can redeem control over their land and resources by accumulating and ministering capital, organize industry catering to under-served [low -income i.e the global majority] markets by way of commercial enterprise in the form of :

    Social Enterprise –(Social Programs that are turn into businesses)
    Small and Medium Enterprise — (Businesses that use a franchise model)
    Co-operative Corporation — ( Integrates: credit unions, worker co-op and R&D)
    In this way Africans can be self-reliant.

  10. Dr. Ernest Madu needs to be Nominated for the CNN HERO Awards.Who is for it? This man is doing outstanding work and making his contribution to humanity. I Will be the first to add my name to the list.

  11. : I would first like to thank you for
    highlighting the new technical choices which is developed in serving the poor
    people in the developing countries. As you said, I also know about the people
    ready to give free money as a financial aid for health care centers. But these
    moneys are used and are available for certain periods. It is not so effective
    because it is not durable. If we want to provide effective health care services
    to all the people in the developing countries, then we should work on a
    sustainable investment. To achieve it, we need plans, implementation,
    evaluation and support as well. The example of Africa is given in this video.
    The life expectancy of people over there is 47 years. There is the great need
    of world class health care and I appreciate your contribution in providing
    accessible, affordable and standard health care to them.

                The policy which Dr. Madu has
    developed that all the patients are treated regardless of inability to pay and
    any other condition corresponds to the egalitarianism view point which
    emphasizes that there should be equal opportunities for everyone. I think this
    approach should be highlighted in the international level because it is very
    beneficial for developing countries. I'm from Nepal. It is also developing
    country. There are the still the places where health services are unavailable.
    Though there is funding for those areas but it is only for certain time period.
    Now, I believe that it requires sustainable investment for the sustainable
    health care system. The development of the nation is determined by health
    status of the people in that country. So there should be first development in
    the health care system.

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