Eso | Stamina Sorcerer pvp | Dual Wield | Spin to win | The End of my Stamsorc Era |

Proceeds to lightly tickle him to see if he changes his mind of entering Clearly fails…. Now he needs to deal with the EP peasants They are trying to test the Sayian’s patience He remains calm for now Hope you guys watching brought popcorn The real kind of popcorn none of that fake caramel flavor bs Seems like this guy knows what he is doing he ain’t going down today Ouch that is going to hurt in the morning They cant handle his power Is there such thing as too many kills? Nope Hes clearly unlocked godly powers He wants to play hide and go seek Clearly chose the wrong spot At this point he is so fast that hes invisible to them This is clearly abuse poor lads So many avenges think this guy works part time with the Avengers Those reds are attacking a keep with blues in it …. rare sight. Now hes just showing off his amazing skills His group is too experienced for these poor red lads Those reds are going to need a bigger zerg the way this is going Super Sayian enters the chat EP leaves the chat At this moment EP let John cena down…. we can definitely see them (Scottish music playing) “Continues to fight NPC’S” They should of played Pac Man instead…. (NPC continues to dodge roll) It’s okay folks he was clearly a Justin bieber fan Is yelling “Get on crown” Forgets hes not crown Well folks it’s been a pleasure…

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