Even Republicans Hate the Republican Health Care Bill: The Daily Show

The problem is,
the Trump administration is allergic to facts. TV REPORTER:In a piece for
Washington Post,the White House challenged
the expected CBO score,
arguing “The American people
and Congress
should give this prediction
little weight.”
The COB doesn’t even capture
those individuals who say to
the federal government, “I don’t want the plan
that you think I need, I want the plan
that I know I need.” We really think
that the CBO estimate -should stick to their
budgetary numbers, -Right. and not try to forecast the
number of people on insurance. TV REPORTER:The White House
put out a 45 second spot
attacking the Congressional
Budget Office
for being inaccurate.The video, which was deleted,shows a misspelling of the word
Like, I feel like the whole
point of saying “inaccurate” is that you would spell it…
I mean… At the same time,
though, I feel like all of Trump’s spelling errors are sort of a metaphor
for his presidency. You know? Liberals are, like, “Aah!
He can’t even spell a word!” And most people are like,
“Yeah, who cares? We use emojis now, man.” Like, most people don’t care
about Trump’s spelling. What they do care about is whether they’ll have
health care next year. And instead of focusing
on the numbers, Trump’s team
says we should focus on what we… believe. Let me be clear–
President Trump and I believe the Senate health care bill
strengthens and secures Medicaid for the neediest in our society. We believe we’re gonna be able
to cover more individuals on this bill
than are currently covered. Now, I know that’s
counterintuitive to folks that have been
reading other headlines, but the goal is to get
every single American covered and have access to the kind
of coverage they want. Yes, we believe everyone’s
going to be covered. Some by insurance, some by the sheets that
the coroners place over them because they can’t
afford health care. Yeah. And, by the way,
if you can’t afford the sheet, the coroner’s just gonna
cover your eyes. “Don’t look. Don’t look.
Don’t look. Don’t look. -Look now.”
-“Aah!” “No, don’t look, don’t look.” Now, the CBO clearly doesn’t
believe in the power of dreams, uh, because, unlike
straight Tim Gunn over here, their numbers show that around
22 million fewer people will have insurance
under this plan. And they’ve come to that
prediction with data and statistical models, which are, by far, Trump’s
least favorite type of model. So, although Mitch McConnell
wants to push this through as fast as possible,
the CBO’s numbers, which are expected
later this week, will will definitely
slow him down. Yeah. What also doesn’t
help Mitch McConnell is that not all Republicans are on board with this faith-based approach
to reforming health care. Mitch McConnell,
the Senate majority leader, needs 50 votes
to get this thing passed. There are 52 Republicans
in the Senate. Two of those
are already hard no’s. Uh, Susan Collins of Maine and Rand Paul of Kentucky. If he loses another vote,
this bill dies. Does Senator…
Senate majority leader McConnell have the votes
to pass this revised bill? You know, I don’t think,
right now, he does. You know, on some level,
you-you have to be impressed that Mitch McConnell
and his friends have written a bill so bad that their own party hates it. The only question
is, when-when something is so deeply unpopular, how could you possibly
make it worse? REPORTER:Senator Ted Cruz
has authored an amendment
to the Senate GOP
health care bill.
My man. REPORTER 2:Cruz’s amendment
would allow insurers
to sell cheaper plans
with fewer benefits.
REPORTER 3:The nation’s largest
insurers released a letter,
calling the Cruz proposal
unworkable in any form,
and saying it would increase
premiums for those
with pre-existing conditionsand lead to widespread
terminations of coverage.
Ju-Just so you understand,
up to this point, insurers have been pretty quiet about the Republican
health care plan. But as soon as Ted Cruz
chimed in, they were all like, “This is
the worst possible idea. “We didn’t even read it,
we just saw “it was named after Ted Cruz,
and we had to speak up. “Like his face, it is unworkable “in any way, shape or form. “People will die. -People will die.”
-(cheering, applause) So, to sum up, the CBO says millions fewer
people would have insurance with the Senate
health care bill. Moderate Republicans hate it
for not covering enough people. Conservative Republicans hate it
for covering too many people. Insurance companies hate it,
Republican governors hate it. The American people hate it.
Yet somehow, it is still possible
the bill could pass without any hearings or debate. Or, at least,
that was the case… until the Republican
health care reform plan was stopped by irony. A vote on health care
was expected to take place this week,
but, now, a delay. Senate majority leader
Mitch McConnell sayshe will give
Senator John McCain time
to recover from a surgeryto remove a blood clot
from his eye.
With McCain gone, they simply
did not have the votes to even bring this bill
to the Senate floor. That’s right– this bill
is looking so bad right now that even Republican senators
are like, “I better get
all my procedures done now “before we pass this thing. Because, after we’re
done with it, who knows?”

100 Replies to “Even Republicans Hate the Republican Health Care Bill: The Daily Show”

  1. My heart goes out to the Die Hard Maverick John McCain. And I'm happy that he's recovering from the surgery. Thanks Obamacare!

  2. Honestly, I think we should stop fighting and let the bill be passed.

    Why? Because seeing that their healthcare is officially gone is the only way Trump supporters will see their leader as he truly is. Until then, they will keep voting for him, and we will be stuck with him.

    Once he's gone, and the House is a little more blue, we can undo the bill and restore the ACA (with corrections, of course).

  3. RepubliKKKcons and RepubliKKKcon supporters are nothing but pure cancer. Time to eradicate the cancer in this country. This carnage must stopped or deported back to their country. I doubt any of them and Native American so it's time to deport the immigrants back to where they came from.

  4. Just keep Obama care at this point. try again in 4 years. you know… when we don't have an orange running the country..?

    + Anything trump does in his 4 years whoever the next president is will do to trump what trump did to Obama and repeal ALL his acts in office. assuming we make it that far

    at least if we're all dead the healthcare bill will be a thing of the past 😀

  5. shows you how bad reporting is. this bill keeps the Obama care protections for people in the Senate.

    it's so bad even the people voting for it have to be exempt from the consequences of this bill.

  6. No. Conservative Republicans hate the Republican bill. Saw the video description. Left my comment. Not going to stick around for the current Daily Show idiot to spin.

  7. I hate people who blindly follow Forrest Trump forever down life's road hoping he will shower them with his wisdom. He has been lost all of his life due to his own greed, ignorance, and lack of morals. If anyone should be knocked off his pedestal it should be Trump and his family.

  8. I feel bad for Cruz's kids. Like they must really have it bad that their father is hated more than anyone, including the President 🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. this actually gives me allot of respect for rand paul, he saw something terrible and is saying no even though its in his party… shit doesnt happen these days

  10. "The Trump administration is allergic to facts."

    Trump administration is all about facts. . . "Alternative" facts, that is!

  11. It should be required the people in congress should only have their health care by the bill they are trying to sign into law. I absolutely know they wouldn't support it then.

  12. @3:54 Image a white host saying a black politician has an ugly face… How is that different? Why do you think it is different?

    Of course you should be able to say that politicians have ugly faces- I mean that's self evident, just look at them- but this political correctness that white people are fair game is annoying. White people clearly have white privilege and is therefore ok to collectively shame the entire race regardless of individual merit. This is just common sense and is clearly not racism of most obvious kind.

    Saying that only white people can be made fun of implies that only they are tough enough to shoulder it. Saying less than stellar things about other races is clearly bad, wrong and racist because- surely like little kids – these non white races couldn't possibly take the criticism. Lastly don't forget that race is just a social construct- like gender, age and your favorite color.

  13. You can say the bill sucks and form your opinions, but what test did u do to reach 22 mil Americans? How in the shit do u forecast what Americans will buy? You bitch because u don't know what's in the bill but apparently you know enough to draw this conclusion. So someone's lying or everyone is.

  14. You do know these RepubiCuntz are talking about getting rid of the 'replace' part – and do (what they always wanted)  and just repeal it……

  15. "INNACCURATELY" trump has time to be twitting but doesn't have time to ask google how to spell words he's not familiar with?

  16. I live here in Texas and I have no idea why Senator Cruz is so damn popular here? People come out in droves, literally filling stadiums to listen to his "pearls of wisdom." I just don't get it!

    From here on, once a week for thirty minutes I am going to choose and watch/listen to a conservative show just to get an idea where the hell they are coming from!

    Somehow in their alternative universe the Republicans and this current President are urgently making daily decisions that will make a positive change in their lives?

    Cynically, I wish the Senate Healthcare Bill would become Law. Only then will President Trump supporters realize that President Obama and the Affordable Care Act isn't so bad afterall? And if that fails to work maybe the Republicans should repeal ACA without a replacement as President Trump is demanding, LOL!!!

  17. Members of Congress have their own healthcare plan just for them. McCain, as a senator, is on it, so he wouldn't be affected by whatever law is passed.

  18. we need more bots and paid late night show workers on comment pages like this. these guys aren't enough to convince people.


  20. Why do we keep falling into the same traps? We've got morons like Noah and his ilk rallying people against the "right" and morons like beck rallying people against the "left". And around it goes. There's politicians voting on this that have never read it. None of the political commentators, including this banana head, have ever read it. They just have the excerpts that the authors want them to have. Then these salesmen go out and use it to pit us against one another to distract us while the real work takes place. Congress has to be changed out and we need term limits.

  21. Wrong…Statistical models are Trump's second least favorite model…His first least favorite model is plus size…

  22. The Trump presidency is testing people's tolerance and patience towards bullshit. I can't believe they're still pushing for such a healthcare bill. Now, if only the resistance was just as or more persistent as Trump and his administration.

  23. So, Americans are ok with the people who are voting on revising the ACA having heath care, but don't care about other Americans who can't afford health coverage, what a people.

  24. They're all just butthurt because their born-wealthy participation trophies aren't going to be enough to save them, and people are going to hold them to task of actually doing their fucking jobs as motherfucking civil god-damned servants

  25. allowing to charge old people 5 times more than young, allowing to cut essential benefits, allowing to charge people more with pre-existing conditions. Is this what we were promised? Great care for fraction of the price?

  26. "Let me warn you, and let me warn the nation, against the smooth evasion that says: "Of course we believe these things. We believe in social security. We believe in work for the unemployed. We believe in saving homes. Cross our hearts and hope to die! We believe in all these things. But we do not like the way that the present administration is doing them. Just turn them over to us. We will do all of them, we will do more of them, we will do them better and, most important of all, the doing of them will not cost anybody anything!" "

    FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT, Address at the Democratic State Convention, Sep. 29, 1936

  27. Trying To Repeal The Affordable Care Act, Is Monstrous! https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2017/6/28/1676000/-Updated-My-Affordable-Care-Act-Diary-Too-Good-Not-To-Share-In-A-New-Diary

  28. The gain on the outro is too much, good sirs! I tend to watch shows at nighttime. This is one of my favv shows. And I have to run to get to the soundbutton every time one of your videos ends. No one else does that!!
    (In Norway, the gain on commercials doesn't exist. We don't like to run, much.)

  29. Ever since Trump's candidacy, he was only about ''belief'' and never about the truth. I mean what can you expect from a pussy-grabbing delusional egotist who BELIEVES he has big hands….while it is as small as his penis.

  30. CBO scored ACA based on what they know. The state exchanges was sabotage to fail so that we can eventually get to a single payer system. Until we got the Freedom caucus and Trump.

    So now, we will get a fail system and finally repealed than died. The Republicans think it will make the illegal immigrants leave and poor people get jobs to get employer based coverage. So naive. We tried that in the 90s it didn't work.. the employer just say , here is extra money go take care if it yourself or you only work 38 hours a week.

  31. Let them pass the Bill and laugh at they dumb asses when they get thrown out on the white house and nobody will vote for them in 2018 or 2020

  32. I don't mean to paint an entire political party with the same brush, but it doesn't surprise me that the Republicans are prioritizing faith over facts.

  33. It truly not what they think it's about what is right and good for the people of America and that would be there only parody

  34. Hey I also belive that one day I will build a time machine and go to the past to punch both Hitler and a dinosaur in the dick. Just you watch my power of will and believed will make it happen. Thanks Gop. republicans.

  35. Remember the following Senate Republican who voted against the "Repeal of Obamacare" 1) Lamar Alexander – Tenn, 2) Shelley Moore Capito – WV, 3) Susan Collins – Maine, 4) Dean Heller – Nevada, 5) John McCain – Az, 6) Lisa Murkowski – Alaska and 7) Rob Portman – Ohio. Had it not been for these US Senators, we would all be able to get our own Health Insurance without Govment Interference! There is an election coming-up in 2018. We can add names to be recalled to those elections.

  36. Mr. Noah, I've never heard of you until about an hour ago but I like you already. I don't have a TV. I'm disabled. I'm a teacher who had an accident in 1998. Since then I've subbed until my Doctor said, "you're done." It took a long time to get on Medicaid. One day I got a letter saying I wasn't eligible. The next day I got a call from Social Security asking me when I could come in to talk about setting me up for my Medicaid Insurance! What? The first time the money came into my account I just cried. Everywhere I went I thought, "do I really need to spend the American people's money on this?" I worked for years and put into the system but still feel guilty somehow. I see the young parents around me working so hard as well as my children. I'm beyond grateful. But the night of the election I knew something was fishy. I'm a Republican but NO WAY would I vote for a man that is as filthy as this man is. NO WAY. It wasn't surprising he got in by cheating. I read up on Tony Schwartz and listened to what he has to say here on YT. And he says the same thing. The man can't read. He never saw ONE book in Trump's apartment. And he said he couldn't get him to sit down for ten minutes to talk to him. The irony is that Tony had written an article about DT dishonesty and Trump loved it! Schwartz decided to speak out on the day that DT announced he was running. In the same speech DT said that HE had written, "The Art of the Deal" and he hadn't! Tony did. And by the way did you know that the contractors that built Trump Tower didn't get paid? Trump declared bankruptcy so they didn't get their hard earned money. Like you say it goes on and on. He's a habitual lier and is friends with a Communist thug. He makes up his own rules and has no respect for women. The only person he loves is Donald Trump. I feel sorry for his wives and his children. He like a serial killer who doesn't have a conscience. We've had some horrible Presidents but this one is the first who is a traitor. We need to impeach him NOW. He and Archie Bunker would have been great friends. lol 🙂 Songs

  37. I got nothing to said, politics r a pain. That's all to me lol, but man the part about Ted Cruz….The guy didn't get much love eh?

  38. Wow, with hindsight, do you guys think that "Blood clot in Senator John McCain's eye" was a precursor to his brain tumor?

  39. Writing is not dead, cursive is dead. We literally only use it for signatures, which the government and banks don't even care about.

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