Exotic CHINESE FOOD Feast in Guangzhou! $250 Snake, Geoduck Sashimi and Sea Cucumber!

100 Replies to “Exotic CHINESE FOOD Feast in Guangzhou! $250 Snake, Geoduck Sashimi and Sea Cucumber!”

  1. fuckin Chinese…destroy your own endangered species and then invade the rest of the world like parasites……90% of African wildlife is under danger to satisfy the Chinese appetite….

  2. No no I wouldn't :/ animal abuse is horrible :only a joke don't take this seriously besides the animal part it's horrible:

  3. I've been watching this channel for a really long time and I still don't know the man who eats all the food and stuff's name💀

  4. Snakes snakes…. God made a mistake. If only he created Chinese before Adam and Eve. Humans could still be living in paradise .

  5. Lol @ comment about eating humans….people eat pig there isn't much difference between us and least we don't eat shit (most of us)
    MMMM that snake looks good, reminds me abit of cooked gator

  6. So wise of you not to eat endangered animals. Because you are social influencers. In fact you should buy that animals and release them.

  7. There is a Chinese mall near me in nj and the have Giant Japanese spider crabs Geoduck clams and much more in the seafood section

  8. The owner and the peoples working in this restaurant definetly they are rich and earning lots of money on innocent creature life bt they will be punished in door of god, human being thinks that everything present in the world, god made all that things for their use bt stupid human being doesn't realize that god doesn't only love u, he loves all their creature who u r eating unnecessarily., so don't get into the confusion that god is ok with you, he is nt ok and he is watching you bt he doesn't want to disturb you bcoz that is nt their job and that is nt their area where he would work. When you will be under the area of god after death then you will be regret for your doing and their would be no one to escape from that hell which u r going to have in future
    So do it watever u wanna do..bt remember whatever i said is 100% true
    God made a one rule "live and let other live" and if you are helping other people in their difficulty then you would be rightful for peace (moksha)

  9. Wat the fuck only peoples in the world talks about saving animal their species, nw i understand peoples only talks, they doesn't hve any kind of kindness sympathy towards this animal, they only talks about saving, when it comes to eating, they never shows a little bit mercy on this animals. So i don't why they people talking about endangered species, rare species , what is the meaning of all that when you are on one hands talks about saving and on the hand you himself is eating them for your joy and your fun..so please stop talking about kindness towards animal bcoz in reality you're gonna eat them

  10. They are the true survivors of the world cuz they'll eat, I mean anything. Any living creature is not safe from their Jaws.

  11. As a chinese, I have to clear some doubts here. those animals are all artificially raised. so that means they are not from the wild. those are eatable by law. the wild ones are not. please google more before making this public causing confusion. thanks.

  12. It'll be real nice if somebody bought the salamander and release him to the wild so he can reproduce and have a long happy life away from this aquarium!!!

  13. Eat Chinese plenty of 1/5 on globe haha just kidding ,ppl like to eat or have rare things like neighbor wife nice? Mybad again,. Haha
    Sea cucumber ?? Wikipedia why no sea animals eat them?? Bubble fish same defense tactics hihi u suck

  14. Sunny you are a good person for not eating endangered animals. Respect. But salamanders are farmed all over China and there are quite a lot in the market.

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