Explore VA benefits: Overview of VA health care and how to apply

[MUSIC] Did you know nearly 6 million
American Veterans have chosen VA health care — more than a
quarter of all Veterans — and many more may be eligible? Did you know VA provides health
care exclusively to Veterans and their families, and one out of
every three employees of the Veterans Health Administration
is a Veteran? No one understands your needs better. Did you know VA facilities
outperform private health, Medicaid, and Medicare on key
preventive care services such as cancer screenings, diabetes
care, and cholesterol management? Your VA health team is dedicated
to helping you achieve optimum health throughout
your lifetime. We do this by giving you access
to 1,700 locations nationwide and bringing care to you through
mobile clinics, Vet Centers, and telehealth services. We do this through innovation,
connecting you to your health care team through Secure
Messaging, mobile apps, and 24/7 online access to your
medical records. And we do this by being leaders
in the use of medical technology, and pioneering new,
smarter ways of delivering care. VA offers a full range of health
care services to men and women. Whatever your needs, we are
here to help you. VA health care also satisfies
the ACA health coverage requirement. Applying for VA health care is
easy. You’ll receive your enrollment status within seven
days. Find out how you can benefit. Explore VA today. [MUSIC]

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