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Power Hammers MP60 NARGESA, are manufactured in welded and mechanized steel sheet. It is used in many blacksmith workshops to make all kinds of parts for the ornamental forging, which eases the job of molding hot iron. Different tooling is used with it to inlay, mold, give shape, cut, pierce, rivetting and embossing, etc all kinds of metal. All Nargesa products are according to the CE normative and regulations for the manufacturing of industrial machinery. The Powerhammer MP Nargesa works by two cylinders, one at the back and another one at the front which is the one that impulses the stem for the stroke. The motor for the power hammer moves the rod of the back cylinder or compressor and the compressed air goes to the front cylinder through the valves that control the stroke displacement. Compressor incorporated:
No need for any external compressor. Frame made of welded and mechanized steel, it isn’t made of casting. Automatic greasing system. Cylinders made of GG2I to ensure good performance. Orientable cylinder to ease up the operative’s work. Front protection against any projections. Protection for the driving pedal. Electric protection of the engine. Emergency stop. Molds made of special steel to stand big impacts at quite high temperatures. Great variety of tooling and exchangeable molds. Manufacturing of tooling as requested. Nominal dropping weight: 60 Kg. Strokes per minute: 220 Strokes max. displacement: 230 mm. Max. round working capacity: 70 mm Max. square working capacity: 60×60 mm. Engine power: 5.5 KW. Weight: 1190 Kg. The Bronneberg High-Speed SP-350 is a heavy-duty baler, designed and engineered in accordance with the latest technology and standards in engineering and manufacturing. The SP-350 baler cuts like a guillotine shear on the horizontal block, eliminating jamming of material. The SP-350 is designed to produce high-density bales from all kinds of scrap. The SP-350 baler is designed to reduce downtime, increasing ROI with every application. The SP-350 baler is designed and constructed so that the complete baler can be transported overseas in 3 standard 40ft Flat Rack containers. The SP-350 baler is a stationary baler and a foundation is needed. The balers are actuated by electric-hydraulic power units and are equipped with a high-pressure piston pumps with variable output, hydrologic-valves, oil filtering and a cooling and heating system. All these components are water-protected. The SP-350 baling machine is designed for continuous baling purposes and therefore the pre-loading hopper can be loaded continuously with a grapple or a conveyor belt. If needed, all the functions of the SP-350 baler can be operated manually. The SP-350 baler is the ideal baler for your scrap yard. Suitable for all types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, especially when bulky. The Bronneberg SP-350 balers are designed to process the following kind of material: New steel stampings and punching from production lines Coils and Cans Aluminum and steel turnings Wire scrap (copper, aluminum and steel) Steel scrap With a lifting capacity of 30 tonnes, the Liebherr Log Handler ensures efficient timber handling. The telescopic boom enables an unrivalled reach of up to 8.5 meters and a stacking height of up to 8.9 meters. Due to the unique boom construction, the wood grab can be rotated through 360°. The EK chain cutters are efficient, vibration-free attachments for the excavation of deep narrow trenches with the optimal trench profile. The trench width starts from 480 mm. Another application is the mining of medium-hard minerals with compressive strength from 15 to 60 MPa, where drill and blast are not possible. EK chain cutters reduce wear and tear on the excavator swing gear. In addition, they give a 40% energy saving for equivalent production rates compared to conventional rotary drum cutters without the central chain. The material produced by the chain cutter is fine-grained and is ideal for use as fill. Works underwater without needing any modifications

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