Eye to Eye: Learning Disabilities Become Strengths

it was about around second grade and
that was the time when everyone was placed into different reading groups and while everyone else was reading chapter books I was still reading ‘See Spot Run,’ things like that. My specific learning disability is that
I have a auditory processing disorder and the other thing I have is slow process
and disorder so for some people it takes like an hour or two or so to read a chapter or two. It takes
me double that time. Eye to Eye’s a national mentor organization with
chapters across the country in colleges and high schools and it’s an art-based mentoring program
that takes students who have a learning disability
or ADHD and they’re paired up with middle
school student with a similiar disorder and each week they do weekly art projects
that help promote self advocacy, help them see the
strengths and now we have about 25 to 30 mentors
that go to two schools in North Philadelphia. I had ADHD and um I have dyslexia. I can talk to miss Danielle, and I get to do exciting stuff because I really don’t have nobody at
home ’cause my mom, she gotta go to work, and when she get
home usually, I don’t have anything to d, so I just sit in my room. I’ve spoken to parents a lot of times who are just starting to enter the
learning disability or LD world, and they’re worried, they’re
scared for their kids because they think that’s it’s the end, that
their kids won’t be able to graduate high school graduate college or anything like that.
My own parents had that thought once. but I’m a testament to see that, hey, there’s
nothing to be scared about. I mean you can graduate high school. You can graduate college I like working through this program
because I get to meet tons of different people even other mentors and I’m around people
like me so they think the same way, they were in the same way. Like, I get to hear like what she goes
through in like I wish that I had someone that could understand what I was going
through, through schooling growing up so I like talking to her and stuff like that. I love you. I love you too. I hope that they are proud that they
have a learning disability. I want to empower students so that they
don’t feel that having a learning disability’s a
weakness to have, but it really is a strength.

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