Fasting & Low Carb Diet for Women Tips | Women’s Health Intermittent Fasting

so we all know that men and women are
very different in many ways but what about when it comes to intermittent
fasting and weight loss so today’s video I am going to explain a couple reasons
why men and women may want to go about it just a little bit differently hi
everyone this is stephanie from fast track to health wellness center welcome
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ladies this one is for you have you been considering intermittent fasting or low
carb diets who have some questions about how to get started and if you should be
doing it any differently well the answer is actually yes it can be a little bit
different for women now that’s not to say that some women will not have any
issues at all there will be women who thrive on this kind of a lifestyle
myself included I have had no issues at all since I started intermittent fasting
or low carb or keto it’s been really amazing for me and I’m thrilled about
that and for many of my patients it’s also been the same experience however
there are some patients that don’t do quite as well now there could be
different reasons for this but I think one of the main reasons is we have
different hormones for men so we have to pay attention to our menstrual cycle so
every week out of the month we basically have different hormones building in our
bodies so the way that we eat is obviously affecting those hormones
specifically related to the cycle we may want to consider eating a little bit
differently when we’re near the cycle so in other words that week before your
period that time especially when you’re having cravings or PMS your body is
trying to send you a message maybe you need more calories during this time
maybe you need to eat more carbs during this time so ideally you should listen
and possibly make some changes especially that week before the period
eat more carbs if your body is still telling you you need to have more or you
feel hungrier eat more carbs at dinner but eat good
carbs don’t need junky carbs and sugar and sweets but eat more like root
vegetables and things like that and then as far as fasting goes it also may not
be the best time of the month to do both intermittent fasting or
prolonged fasting that weaker or so right before your period that’s probably
a better time to wait and not do any fast at all just wait until your cycle
is finished now if you start doing all these things
and your cycles start to get worse or you start to lose your cycle then you
know that you may have to change what you’re doing and that this may not work
for you on a regular basis so you’re gonna have to experiment with it and see
what works best for you because we can’t put everybody into the same category
when it comes to this because we all have different needs another thing to
mention is there might be underlying reasons why ladies have challenges so
they could have some type of major hormonal disruption or they’re under a
lot of stress so their body doesn’t handle fast and quite the same or do
they have nutritional deficiencies or they have a lot of toxins in their body
so there’s other underlying reasons that might make it a little bit more
difficult for them to do intermittent fasting or to lose weight doing a little
carb diet but the basics are really pay attention to your cycle and eat a little
bit differently prior to your cycle and consider not fasting as much right
before now if you’re already in menopause and not getting a cycle you
don’t have to worry about when you’re doing your fasts you can vary it up but
the carb part adding in more carbs you could be a little bit more flexible I
think women at all ages can benefit from having a little bit of carbs here and
there but when you’re in menopause you don’t
really have to worry about when that is just be in tune with your body and
figure out the times that you might need to have extra carbs I look if you’re
doing fine without any carbs at all and you’re thriving you’re feeling great
you’re losing weight there’s no need to add them back in just saying that women
sometimes may need to cycle some carbs in here and they’re just for the benefit
of enhancing their hormones so those are the basics what are you guys doing about
this are you considering when you’re fasting is it different during your
periods how has it been working out for you so far let me know in the comments
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