Female Urinary Incontinence – When to See a Doctor | Beaver Dam Women’s Health

Urinary incontinence is a very common problem.Many people experience this and it has for some people a large impact
in their life and others not so much. The question that we get most often
initially on this is, “Do I even need to see anybody? Seems like a lot of people I talk to have this problem,” and that kind of a thing. And I
guess my answer to that is that it really depends upon on how this impacts
your life. First of all, incontinence is very common
and it affects people in many different ways. For some people it keeps them from going out and doing things and being active in the world. They
know if they’re trying to play with their kids or something. That they leak
whenever they’re doing something; jumping jacks or just playing volleyball or other kinds of things. Other people find that it keeps them in the
house so they can’t go out and go any place. They’re afraid to travel or
afraid just to even go out and go shopping and things like that because it’s
impacting them so severely. So kind of the first question for somebody
who’s trying to decide whether they need to do anything about this is how
does it really impact my life? And if it’s reached a point where it’s starting
to keep you from doing things that you want to do. I can’t play with
my kids or I can’t go out and go shopping or I can’t go out and travel and
just enjoy life in general, then it’s time to get in and see somebody
about it to improve it. Most types of incontinence we can significantly improve. Depending upon the type there may be different approaches. Not
all approaches to this problem of incontinence are things where you take
medication or surgery or that kind of thing. So one of our goals and objectives is really to individualize the care that you receive based
upon the type of problem that you have. So when you come in to see us the first thing
we’re going to do is try to first of all, understand why this is happening
with you and what’s causing it. Once we know what’s causing it at that
point we can then make a decision about okay, this might be the best
approach to take in your particular circumstance. Do we want to try
something that is with medicine? Maybe something like physical therapy. Maybe something that would require surgery. If you have a different kind of problem we
might even, we might work very hard at trying to stay away from surgery.
Or we might try medicine and or physical therapy or we might try to use some
new techniques that have more to do with electrical stimulation or affecting
the way the nerves work to try to make the bladder work in a better fashion.

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