FileZilla Pro in a nutshell, Video #65

FileZilla Pro helps you transfer files
from your computer to a server or the other way around
it works on Microsoft Windows Mac OS or Debian Linux transfer files between your
machine and remote servers with FTP FTPS SFTP and WebDAV FileZilla Pro works with
cloud services including Amazon s3 Dropbox Google cloud Google Drive
Microsoft Azure Microsoft onedrive OpenStack Swift Backblaze B to manage
all your connections in one place queue files for transmission compare local and
remote directories filter the files you need search files enable speed limits
for your transfer manage connections to different servers using tabs and of
course drag and drop to easily transfer the files
this is FileZilla Pro the file transfer tool of choice of pros who demand
accuracy speed and robustness

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  1. I can't tell here or on the webpage if it's one-time-payment or subscription, and if the former if updates to new versions are free or paid?

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