Finding my strengths

I felt like an outcast I didn’t feel like I should be there as if I shouldn’t even be at school in the first place felt a bit depressed and you know I didn’t really feel like I was welcome well when Harry was young we found that he was dropping to the bottom of the class quite quickly and that’s when we realized that there were some difficulties with his learning well how he found it difficult sometimes to communicate in through his physical behavior you’d realize that he was frustrated in delivering the message he wanted to get across that’s when we started to notice as the years went on I still just couldn’t understand my family couldn’t understand why I I didn’t answer questions or anything like that property my mum and dad was stunned like worried a bit as if though that there was something wrong with me and then it just came to a point when I just didn’t want to do homework because I just felt stupid the things I found difficult in class was there i sat there and I saw my friends whizzing through like all the questions and the seconds and then I’m sitting there still in question one I just kept thinking that I’m stupid what was wrong with me why can’t you just answer the stupid question why why are you acting dumb but then I’m not done I just can’t understand the question we weren’t actually aware of how Harry was failing and it wasn’t until him got the additional help that he then it manifested itself in a drawing that he drew how he felt before he was helped and it was very very sad and lonely and he was sitting on the corner on his own too then when he even received the help he was the center of attention and much happier within himself I had a speech and language therapist and she helped me to understand what was wrong and to answer questions that I thought I couldn’t she started to show me and give me an understanding that I could actually work out things Harry’s head strengths from the start and very much visual strengths and playing on the arcade games against older boys he would always beat them and his eye hand coordination was always always very good Harry joined a drama group and he’s excelled in that now and he takes many of the lead roles and is quite confident enough to put himself on a stage in front of people he doesn’t know I like drama because you get attacked as someone that you well that you’re not I guess I find a fun and way Harry in drama is is a very empathetic student Harry’s skill lies in his ability to understand emotions and feelings and not just of himself but of other people as well I still did drama and are even before I was diagnosed with the speaking Louis difficulty and I still enjoyed drama and I still would enjoy Don I didn’t find it difficult to difficult I didn’t find it hard or I just understood it I know it’s to do with the visualizing I could see so I didn’t need words to help me the other thing he’s very good at his his physicality he he knows what to do on stage he’s what we call an instinctive drama student he absolutely understands how to present himself on the stage and once he understands the meaning of a line he really understands how to deliver it he’s very he’s very good at that I wanna see family tree so good morning son what is that we did the production of Little Shop of Horrors buy played as the man who owned the shop called mr. mushnick and he’s a mean grumpy greedy selfish man and I thought I know snatch a bit of my dad’s clothes and the bill swagger and then that’s me done put a little fancy type on some straps the difference is amazing I feel anyway better not as ups what I’m upset at all I’m not stuck because I’m at school but you know I’m happy because I know I can answer questions I can explain things and I’m actually getting GCSE grades I’m I’m happy because I’ve had the help that I need to do this so that that’s how happier because it’s it’s it’s proven that I have got intelligence and I can understand and do stuff right it’s it’s great his confidence after given the additional assistance he’s he’s you can’t measure it it is so far apart and he’s in a much better place now for moving forward and you know fulfilling a life that he’s been given I think it’s very important I think every child needs to know asap because I’ve already gone through it for a couple years and I don’t I don’t want other kids to go over the way how I come through depression sadness and aggression because you just can’t understand it if this video gets out and people can actually finally see this this could like change the future and my future is definitely changed and I’m I’m over the moon

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