Finger, Thumb, Hand & Grip Strength Exercises – Stress Balls Cause Stress

Hi my name is Dr. Terry Zachary and
I’m the developer of the Handmaster Plus I get asked the question a lot what my opinion is of stress balls and
our I can save it for mechanical reasons
it’s not a very I’m not very high on stress balls now
exercise at any time is very good for the stress in our lives I would never
ever say anything against that, but when it comes to repetitively gripping something which is
so common in sports and music in the workplace even in
therapy even in athletic training we have this common fallacy still that
taking something like a stress ball or something that we just grab and
squeeze against is the right way to straighten my hands
I could tell you this is such a detrimental point of view arm and I’ll explain why
really quickly anytime I grip something we have
nine muscles a close at hand 9 muscles that open the hand when I grip, the 9 muscles that open
hand are actually contracting in a co contraction meaning
they’re supporting the flexor muscles, the muscles that close your hand, the problem is you see the muscles the close at hand
going through their full range of motion so we’re shortening all on the flexor side
exercise from the fingers, thumb, wrist, carpal
tunnel , forearm & elbow, we’re shortening the side and in if I’m just squeezing something all that’s happening with the extensor side is
we’re just getting static Co contraction so it’s a supportive
contraction but it’s not through the full range of
motion in other words a full range of motion for the finger extensors & the finger abductors would be a full opening spreading
like that that would be full range of motion Co so anytime I get what we theoretically know as a stress ball
mechanically I could say that creates an imbalance in the short
term and in the long term that’s going to affect your performance
and it’s going to affect your chances for a repetitive gripping injury so we say that stress balls actually create stress for the
fingers thumb, hand, wrist, carpal tunnel forearm and elbow, we developed Handmaster Plus Many have you heard of it now very
simply is a product that will strengthen all the
muscles in one continuous exercise and maintain
that balance maintain that maximum blood flow so really simply once you put it on you
put the thumb on first, the fingers on 2nd you’re just gonna
squeeze against the ball just like what is called a stress ball
you’re gonna squeeze against the ball but you’re also going to open and spread
against the cords, against the resistance of the finger
chords and it allows you to take your hand through fall natural range of motion, elastic
bands is what we used to use, I’m just going to continue goes for one second closing once a one second opening
elastic bands what we used to use to do this but for a couple reasons I felt
this is very ineffective in that the elastic band first of all was
not be able to go when I took my hand through fully opened
the elastic band would fall off also I did the spreading muscles with my
patients we would only get the spreading of the small finger and the index finger and so it
was very inefficient this way the other thing too is when we’re
going to give patients or athletes or musicians 3 or 4 exercises they general
are not gonna comply because they either forget about them or its just too complicated too time-consuming now with Handmaster Plus you can put the product on, you close against the ball then open & spread against the cord so all that you’re doing is closing your hand for a count of one
and opening your hand and anybody can remember that it’s very easy but in fact even though is easy the mechanics of the
exercise are proper the hand muscles are going through their full range motion so the exercise is better and it’s more
convenient it’s one of the rare cases where we see that. If you want more information on Handmaster Plus please go to our website at you can purchase online
there or you can ask about our distributors who are
distributors are or if you want to become a distributor as well if you have any questions about
hand, wrist elbow, carpal tunnel, finger and thumb injuries please feel free to give us an
email at [email protected] and keep away from stress
balls hope you understand why I’m saying that
stress balls cause stress we have to look at this very important
area and strengthen in balance and that’s going to be a stress
reducer for your life but also for hand, wrist, forearm. elbow, carpal tunnel
flexors are now going to be equal with the extensors and it’s that’s
important for performance and injury prevention… thanks for

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