First-Hand Look at Health Care Careers

[Music] I thought it was really
interesting because it
felt real. Seeing how real people
would react. I thought it was really,
really just amazing. This is the first
Youth Career Day that we’re holding here at the
Garfield Center. We have over 150 students here
today from the Bay Area and the Sacramento area that
have expressed an interest in the healthcare profession. In addition to nurses
and physicians, we were able to profile 26
different professions. The partnership with
Kaiser Permanente and our school is wonderful today. Not only are they helping kids
have a future, this is actually showing
them the different careers they never would have even
thought of. We had five scenarios. We started with Urgent Care. What I’m going to do is look
at your ankle, okay? When they did the reenactment of
the patient who had broken his ankle,
they wanted us to see that’s it not just about
being doctors and nurses. They had like tons of
different careers. I saw a medical assistant
and a receptionist, a phlebotomist,
an EKG technician. I’ve never actually been
in an OR room, and so I thought that was really
interesting going in there and actually touching
everything because I know everything has to be sterile. This is called a sterile field. They’ll actually be
participating in a simulated operating room experience. This role here is an
anesthesiologist, which is a physician. Each person in OR has
a specific job. I just felt like I was
actually there, like I could see myself there,
which was really fascinating. Then they had the
Labor & Delivery experience where we had one of our
simulated mannequins do a delivery. Okay, I’m going to give you
some medicine. I was trying to like calm
the patient down, so it was fun. What I learned about when it
comes to patient care is that you always have to care
for your patient, and you always have
to have the ability to want and make them feel
comfortable. Kaiser’s really very committed
to helping to increase the diversity of the
healthcare workforce and an event like today
helps students who may not have a sense of where
they truly can see themselves. You always have to have the
drive and motivation to make sure that this is
what you want to do and this is what
you love doing. And I’m interested in becoming
a registered nurse. The experience today
reinforced the fact that I want to be an OB/GYN. I saw that it would
take time, but I know that I
could be there. It helped me see
myself there. I feel like my dreams
aren’t that far. One thing today says about
Kaiser Permanente is that their focus and energy is really
on keeping people healthy, and it’s really on giving
back to the community.

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