Fitbit Female Health Tracking

the Fitbit adds menstrual cycle tracking
to its SmartWatch app this is genius this is genius half of the population of
the planet are women right and all woman have their menstrual cycle this is life
right so for Fitbit to add this to one of its
health apps because all of these watches are the number one thing is fitness
fitness fitness count your steps count your you know the how high you go
everywhere how far you cycle will you sleep schedule all of these crazy things
that you watch can do nowadays the one thing it hasn’t been able to do
is the menstrual cycle I don’t know what the tech is needed for this to happen
but they finally have figured it out and I think it’s genius
Fitbit announced its new female health tracking feature alongside the Versa
I’ll put a picture up so you can see what it is at an attendant event back in
March the offering is finally starting to roll up on under company’s iOS and
Windows app letting users tracking their menstrual cycle in the space they
tracking their activity and sleep patterns the feature is available for
both of the company’s first two smartwatches the Versa and the ionic
make impossible to predict a period and keep track of the fertility windows the
offering is a nice addition to fix bit fitbit’s
overall health tracking after the company’s after the company was
initially criticized for producing a SmartWatch that was too large for many
wrists excluding a lot of the female customers the new small Versa addressed
this issue with a smaller and more versatile design so Fitbit said you know
what I apologize for making these watches I mean these SmartWatch is too
big you know excluding a lot of my team the female customers they made it
smaller and they added this new tech this way of keeping track of one’s
menstrual cycle this is super important especially because a lot of the times
now hopefully we’re getting closer to the time where there’s actual equality
between men and women we are not there yet we have a lot of work to do but a a
big portion of this is children children are a huge reason why there is
huge difference between men and women and you can look this up a large part of
why there is a pay disparity and because the time when women are most fertile and
most able to have children is also the same exact time which is between their
late 20s and then you know into their 30s is the best time for to get the most
money out of the workforce right and having these two things happen at the
same time it’s hard on the female gender so so allowing this technology so you
can track your menstrual cycle so you can plan to have the child when you want
to have a child when you’re ready to have a child I think it’s genius it’s
super smart it puts the power back into woman’s hands and they don’t have to
guess and do this and you know whether they temperature every five minutes and
in all of these crazy things that people do to measure and keep track of their
menstrual cycle they can do it much easier now they can have a little more
control which is fantastic which is fantastic I’m all for it congratulations
goody goody goody Fitbit smart move

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