Fitness Training For Beginners : How to Develop Stamina With Cardiovascular Workouts

So guys, we’ve make it through our workout
congratulations, way to go. Thanks a lot for joining me for this and now before we depart
I want to give you some homework. It’s called cardio homework. The reason why I prescribe
this homework for you is because I want you to start to develop some stamina. If you develop
some stamina it will help your body get conditioned and allow you to come back to the gym more
often. The more you come back the stronger you’ll get and the more changes you’ll have
in your body. If you remember at the beginning of today’s episode we visited the cardio warm
up and the machines to go along with it. The bike, the stair master and the cross trainer
or pre-core, now I would like for you to go revisit them again. At least once during this
week if not try for twice and all I want you to do is to get on those for about 15 minutes.
If you could go longer that’s better, but don’t worry about going too far unless you’ve
already been working out on cardio machines before. Also on these machines what I want
you to pay attention to is your posture and also your heart rate. To help build up stamina
and help to build an aerobic phase that will give your body more opportunity to be efficient
with consuming oxygen, which will also burn fat and help rejuvenate your body. I want
you to work with a low intensity heart rate zone. A rough estimate would be anywhere from
105 to 135 beats per minute. There will be codes on the machines that will help you find
out what is your optimal heart rate for burning rate. Also I would like to take this moment
to stress to you how important drinking water is while you’re doing weights. Every muscle
contraction you have uses water, so be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day.
The golden rule is if you’re thirsty drink water. So once again thanks a lot of joining
me here on personal training for the average guy here on I’m Mike Rosengart
your host signing off and hope to see you back next week.

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