For Honor – Jormungandr Drains All Stamina On One Parry?!

all right so Hulk has found a way to
drain stamina more than the average attack for his average punch does so you
basically yeah me too I know people who’ve done it before it’s pretty cool
all right you watch you throw heavy I’m gonna show them the first okay this is
the dreams good about your stamina but not enough so now we’re gonna throw
another one heavy fairy no I’m once you try to – it is it confirmed if even if
you wait or just – it can be confirmed to bottom it depends on the characters
I’ve always write for indigent I’m that good yeah I couldn’t I tried – it
wouldn’t let me – yeah I’m at the white one – what you dodged I couldn’t – I
tried bandit yeah I’m trying my best Jorma Gunther 147 which if I if I parry
a heavy from them and do that punish they’ll have like a tiny bit of stamina
left then I could just punch them afterwards trying they’re less under
stamina so Highlander has pretty terrible stamina man yeah all from one hook that’s crazy
I want you to try to roll like me for a lot all right top light yeah the white
drains less stamina but you still at stole Austin we’re being drained from
you I do this yeah there we go actually come next to the wall
I’ll show you the corners you can do it this character comes to your stamina that’s a pretty good I’m a scam I can
also do the wall I’m a Highlander main

19 Replies to “For Honor – Jormungandr Drains All Stamina On One Parry?!”

  1. Seems legit to me. Got the parry then hit with the bash. Thats what jorm is meant to do. His lights are slow and his heavies are too.

  2. And that is why I unistalled for honor this game continues to show me how trash the development team is. As a rep 70 kensei n having for honor say kensei is unviable character I have given up. Worst dev team ever

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