Forged in Fire: Knives Break in Strength Test (Season 5) | History

– Bladesmiths, this The wooden ramrod chop. To test the strength and
durability of your edge, as well as the overall
construction of your knives, I’ll be chopping into
this ramrod 10 times. Bob, you’re up first, you ready? No, but let’s do it. BEN ABBOTT: All right. BOB: Naturally I’m nervous. My concern on the
wooden ramrod chop is that the edge rolls or
maybe the blade breaks. Steel is a finicky
little critter. Sometimes it works
real good, sometimes it just snaps in your face. You’ll never know
until you test it. [chops ramrod] [music playing] There she goes. Feel like a punch in the gut. BEN ABBOTT: Well, Bob, quite
obviously your plane broke. Whoops. BEN ABBOTT: And
looking at your grain, I would like to have
seen thermal cycling done to your blade. The grain that
I’m seeing in here is a lot more coarse
than I would like to see. And that blends to a
more brittle blade. WIL WILLIS: Bob,
your blade suffered a critical failure
in the very first strike of the very first test. However, in order to proceed,
two more bladesmith’s still have to make it
through this test. Bob, you’re not out yet. Gentlemen, your blades are made
out of the exact same steel. Let’s see if they hold up. Ben? BEN ABBOTT: Daniel,
you’re up next. Feeling lucky?
– I reckon so. BEN ABBOTT: All right. [music playing] DANIEL: Everything about
the steel in my blade and in Bob’s blade is identical. The thing that scares me right
now is if I got this thing too hard, the first time he
hits that ramrod it’s going to shatter like glass.
[chops ramrod] [music playing] BEN ABBOTT: Well, Daniel,
it held up very well. The edge is just not quite
as sharp as it was before. But there’s no rolls,
there’s no chipping. This was impressive
to watch you do. This is your second blade. DANIEL: Thank you sir.
– Collin, you’re up. You ready? I’m jealous. I want to swing it. And I’m just like, oh. [beep] You can’t look away. It’s like a car wreck. You just lock in.
[chops ramrod] [music playing] [beep] Well, we’re
in the same camp now. [slow intense music playing] BEN ABBOTT: Well Collin,
your knife broke, obviously. The grain structure in
here is sort of in between. It’s not quite as
coarse as I’ve seen, but it’s certainly not the
finest grain I’ve ever seen. The thing that’s
really telling is there was a Mig weld that went
across here to hold this piece of mild steel on the side. Right next to it there is this
bronze line, and what that tells me is that that
was a surface crack there before the heat treat. That’s why it broke,
where it broke. WIL WILLIS: Daniel, you’ll be
moving on to the final round. Congratulations. Collin, Bob, both of your blades
suffered catastrophic failures in our strength test. Collin, your blade
lasted longer than Bob. Bob, your blade suffered
that catastrophic failure in one stroke. And for that reason
I have to ask you to please leave the forge. [music playing] BOB: If you’ve never broken
a blade as a bladesmith, you have a bladesmith. I have no regrets. This is merely a
stumbling block when you’re walking down the street. You get up, you dust yourself
off, and you move on. I came here to prove
that I can make a knife under strenuous
conditions in three hours. I did that. Win or lose. I did it.

100 Replies to “Forged in Fire: Knives Break in Strength Test (Season 5) | History”

  1. Yeah i think it was quite obvious that Daniel was the better smith anyways. But congrats to the others for making it that far.

  2. I agree, he did make a blade under strenuous conditions in 3 hours. But can you really call it a "blade" if it's so brittle it snaps on the first swing? More of a showpiece.

    I couldn't do better, to be fair to the guy. But the first swing?

  3. 😕can't pay me enough.😕I knew test dummies are supposed to look realistic.😕but this guy's went all the way with this one😕dummy 😀I'm impressed.

  4. First time saw two blades breaking completely. This challenge was just not in level with what I have seen in other Forged in Fire episodes.
    I felt that the third bladesmith was lucky.

  5. I remember seeing this episode and realizing Daniel looked and sounded familiar, to which I realized he had his own show on history years ago.

  6. I'd love to see main brand names (Benchmade, CRKT, etc.) compete with their top of the line stuff and see how they hold up.

  7. I would like to see a video of all the blades that brake. I've tried finding one but I don't think there is.

  8. Is the dude using the weopens sick or something he always holds his hand near his chest and theirs always something like a tube sticking out

  9. Ok Smith's next up we are going to test your blade by putting it in water. remember this test we aren't interested what your blade does to the water but what the water does to your blade ! Ok Jason ur up! Ok Jason 1st off you made a very nice blade but unfortunately it suffered a catastrophic failure . After we pulled your blade out , the water made your blade wet! So for that I have to ask you to please leave the fordge!

  10. I know they always put their heart and soul into their work and do the best they can with what they're given, but it's always fun for me to watch their blades snap

  11. When he said “you never know until you test it “ I knew it was gonna break first swing i mean sure you can never be 100% without a test but knowing about heat treatment and other such things helps you dramatically up those odds and be at least 99% sure it wont break on the first swing he clearly doesn’t know enough yet.

  12. Wish they did the sharpness test first then the strength test,it sucks to see their good work get damaged and dull for the sharpness test.

  13. This show really demonstrates how fantastic Factory Knives have gotten.
    I respect the craft of custom knife making but its hard to compete $$$ wise with the factory knives for actual "use" knives.

  14. Why am I watching this at 6am…. and why was it recommended to me? Life works in mysterious ways, I’m waking up and telling my wife I’m quitting my job to forge my life in fire now.

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