Forged in Fire: ROCCAT Vulcan Trailer Behind the Scenes | Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Fire, smoke, smoldering metal. It was hot, it was exciting and a little bit frightening as well. The vision for the trailer of our new mechanical gaming keyboard the ROCCAT Vulcan was to not only show the keyboard itself with its cool industrial design and all the light and the metal surface but also images that create a feeling of power and heat. We want the gamers to believe that the ROCCAT Vulcan was actually made in a real volcano. When we shot the hammer and anvil picture I expected a hard punch. I thought I was prepared but I was not. The sound, the sparks flying around, even the vibration that reached me through the stone floor of the forge. I was totally surprised, I was shocked. Fred seemed really scared when the hammer first hit the anvil and honestly at that moment so was I because when the sparks hit my side I almost dropped to the floor out of shock. But after all it was an amazing experience. It was really fun. Nothing took serious damage anyways. Karl the blacksmith worked really hard to show us everything: Rising flames, wads of smoke, glowing metal. The whole deal. Our marketing director Hendrik even assisted Karl with some of the shots but suddenly our camera went pitch black and obviously we were worried a lot but turns out just overheated from all the heat so the solution to it was simple: Fresh air. We’re really happy how the trailer turned out. Just lean back and enjoy the heat.

11 Replies to “Forged in Fire: ROCCAT Vulcan Trailer Behind the Scenes | Mechanical Gaming Keyboard”

  1. it's very sad that you didn't added AIMO to Vulcan 80. Vulcan 80 I liked more than 100. it looks more harmonious

  2. Yea, got one and no I see nothing that would convince me it was made in a volcano. Does not detract from the fact that it is one bad ass board and I highly recommend it!

  3. Seit 3 Wochen warte ich auf das Teil, der eine Schmied würde denk ich mal schneller produzieren als die Firma von Roccat.

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