Full Interview with Nicole Brantley by Shari Rodgers on Women’s Health

Interview with Nicole Brantley by Shari Rodgers on Women’s Health my name is Shari Rodgers and have the
pleasure of being here with Nicole Brantley and thank you so much for being
here that’s right now yes you’re welcome
and so I would like to start with a little bit about you can you share with
us a little bit about you and your perspective on women’s health absolutely
so my name is Nicole Brantley I’m affectionately known as the wound
therapy the name of my company is fresh it stands for feminine restoration
education and solutions for women’s health so my company was founded out of
the need to address the women that were sitting by in silence suffering if you
will and nobody doing anything about it and so that’s how my business came about
so I help women who have fibroids PCOS endometriosis those who have trouble
conceiving HPV chronic bacterial and fungal infections and the list goes on
and on and on and I do that through my method of vaginal steaming mostly but I
also do it through my detox programs both individual and group where we
address both emotional baggage and what your body is going through physically in
order to heal as well as take the option of surgery and hysterectomy I Kissed
direct amis off of the table so that women can truly get to the root of their
healing surgery does not address the root
it might take care of symptomology but it definitely does not address the root
of the problem and so that’s why it’s important to address those emotions that
created the disease in the first place as well as what you’re doing physically
eating drinking how you take care of your body is a huge factor in that the
things that we can seem on a daily basis chemicals that we take in so I educate
people around those things I am a wound care practitioner and educator as well
as a detox specialist and a therapist so you mentioned a few challenges that
women have today I have a 15 year old daughter and what knowledge can you
share with our young children our girls who are starting their menstruation
their menstruating they’re beginning their registration what knowledge can
you share with them on how to take care of their body so first and foremost it
starts with what we put in our mouth so I would educate them on eating better
taking and more fruit eating more vegetables keeping the processed foods
to a minimum keeping the fried foods to a minimum you know the things they like
to eat the pizzas and things like that that are not good for them the heart fun because the reality is over time those
things break down the kidneys and as well as the adrenals and then the
lymphatic system becomes congested and those are the very things that cause the
heavy bleeding the cramping and the things that women are dealing with such
as the fibroids the PCOS the endometriosis so definitely
incorporating a great diet from an early age as well as using toxic-free feminine
hygiene products a few years ago I had a class Pat line and I would always
encourage moms to start their daughters off light if you’re not going to use Lux
off you don’t have to use something that’s disposable chemical free toxic
free so that we’re not putting these toxins in their bodies at our early age
these things are building that building up building up and then we see this ease
so just truly informing them on how to properly take care of their bodies you
know right through diet and what we put on our skin and what we put on our body
as far as feminine hygiene products are concerned very good as you know six our company
has a mission justice for my jewels what attracted to you to this company and
what they are doing well I was actually introduced to the CEO Daman Crump and
the general Charlie Watson and when they did the presentation I thought
phenomenal because in the back of my head even though my pads are no longer
in production I’m loving that somebody is seeing things the way that I am as
far as women’s health is concerned and what people are using during their
menstrual cycle so when he did the presentation and he was about to rap I
was like then dioxin is dioxin left behind in the product after they do the
sanitizing process and he gave me a look like I showed with him what it is that I
do and how to educate women about their room and I help them to heal at a deeper
level so a lot of the times when we’re dealing with the heavy periods and the
cramping that’s a pituitary gland issue so truly letting him know that you know
this is who I am this is what I do on a daily basis and my mission lines up with
your mission my target audience is your target audience so I was very grateful
to see that there’s a group of people out here fighting for the justice for my
jewel and educating women about the toxicity in the the commercial products
that they’re using so it was a win-win for both of us because I just felt like
it was a fit the product is actually just a tool but it’s a great tool you
know to get that word out there for it to have thousands of people teaching
them and that this is so important that you don’t put these chemicals on your
body because this is what it’s causing so to get women relief it was just their
mission aligned with my admission my mission so that’s what attracted me
we’re out here saving one room at a time together we can’t just do it
individually it’s going to take a collective of us to make that happen
absolutely so I have some friends who have doing it
with issues of fibroids and in Demetrius can you explain what are those issues
that women are going through and what do you recommend for those women absolutely
so fibroids at an all-time high is the very reason that 600,000 hysterectomies
take place in the United States annually so I would love to see us as a people
lower that number because of the mission that we’re moving forward in but
fibroids from an emotional perspective is nursing a hurt from a partner or
below to the feminine ego okay so we have to address that
we’re in relationships we’ve released husbands but we’re still holding on to
them essentially we’re still nursing those hurts and as a result these
fibroids are growing bigger and bigger in our body in addition to the emotional
part though what are we feeding them are we eating dairy at an all-time high are
we eating beef and chicken you know and pork which are the highly acidic meats
that cause the kidneys to be shut down that causes the adrenal glands to go
down and eventually for us to have a stagnant lymph system with 99 percent of
man’s problems are in their lymphatic system and that as a result of diet so
if we change the diet and we create flow of things then we can probably heal the
body so that’s what fibroids are for the motional perspective then what we’re
feeding them makes a difference as well so if we’re eating the dailies if we’re
eating the meats those things are going to continue to allow them to grow so we
have to change our diet and we have to address them with herbs herbs restore
and regenerate herbs target and get those those organs or glands that are
down to be open and to function optimally so those are the things
endometriosis is frustration disappointment insecurity not feeling as
though you’re enough and so as a results of that from that emotional perspective
when those things go on address that’s how we show up in everyday life
so if you go around thinking that you’re not enough it’s not like it’s not that
you just show up like that for your family you’re also showing up like that
at your job for your co-workers you know and so people treat you according to how
you show up so those are things that I work around deep diving into where did
that come from who made you feel like that you know who made you think that
you weren’t enough what is some what did somebody say or do to you that made you
feel like you didn’t matter or you didn’t count so truly addressing that
from a physical perspective endometriosis is acid okay in the
reproductive area just like all reproductive issues are and so the line
is going on the outside of the uterus it’s not properly being released during
the menstrual cycle and with that acid in that area in that room area when
people are in debilitating pain from endometriosis it’s because the uterus is
fusing to the colon they sit on top of one another and that’s what makes it so
painful and so for me I had to get in there you have to change the foods that
you’re eating you have to change the terrain on the inside of your body and
that’s gonna be based on what it is that you’re eating you have to increase your
food intake I know you’re like Nicole you said fruit fruit fruit you haven’t
said vegetables fruit is the highest vibrational food on the planet
the veggies can’t touch that okay and so it can heal diabetes that food sugar is
very healing that’s everything the body needs what is the first person first
question that people ask when you decide to come off of meat where are you going
to get your protein some fruit okay there amino acids that’s all proteins
are as amino acids so it’s simple amino acid whereas meats are complex amino
acids and so when we address it from that perspective and begin to neutralize
the acid in the body soothes the body rehydrated from the dehydrating foods
that is how we can heal fibroids endometriosis PCOS whatever it is that
that acid in that region is burning up so it literally speaks to the toxicity I also address heavy periods when we
have long periods that’s the pituitary gland weakness it’s a result of the
lymphatic system being stagnant and things backing up so when I’m dealing
with that I speak immediately to the toxicity we have to address that we have
to get the toxins out you have to detox it’s the only true way to healing the
body it’s the only logical way you know think about an oil change when you go
for an oil change they empty the old oil pan out before they put the new little
in right so we have to do the same thing for our body so that the fresh the vital
and the new can actually take effect when it comes into the body the bible
even says don’t put new wine into old wineskins so we have to get rid of the
waste the toxins if you will we have to get the grams and the organs functioning
optimally so I do that through a regimen of how to eat as well as an herbal
protocol so I use tinctures I use capsules and so those are the very
things that are going to help the body heal food is great because it’s going to
neutralize the terrain in the body but herbs are the game changer you need them
to restore and regenerate tissue that has been damaged organs that are down
glands that are down so that when the body is functioning optimally and all of
the gland the glandular system can begin to talk to itself the body can do what
it’s created to do which is heal itself and so that’s what I advocate women
around being your own doctor nobody can tell you about your body more than you so have a lot of clients who have gone
to their doctors for endometriosis pain and their doctor has told them that
oh that’s just phantom pain you don’t see anything I always tell them don’t
let another person tell you about your body it’s not phantom pain you are
feeling this pain and it’s usually that uterus fusing to the colon so we begin
to loosen that up soften that out by eating more fruit which brings hydration
and soothing and all of that to begin to restore that area they notice all of
those symptoms starting to dissipate but it’s going to take the right diet and
it’s going to take an herbal protocol to heal the body and restore the glands and
the hormones and the things that are out of balance some women go through menopause mm-hm
and a lot of issues come up with menopause what do what recommendations
do you have for women going through menopause so I will say that menopause
is not a natural experience and what I mean by that is the symptoms that women
think of when it comes to menopause so the hot flashes the night sweats those
are a result of weak adrenal glands so who restored the adrenal glands when we
would have a different experience during menopause which just means that their
cycle is ending and that you know the estrogen is going to be lower and things
like that as a result of no longer having a menstrual cycle but if you take
care of your body if you address those adrenal glands and they are functioning
optimally you won’t have menopause symptoms so yeah yeah and back to back
up about cramps if you want to get rid of cramps
you have to get rid of protein okay because of there being highly acidic so
when the when the reproductive area already has a ton of acid there and then
we’re introducing this new acid there we’re putting acid on top of acid so
it’s going to burn that’s what the nervous system picks up on it’s pain so
pain is acid so it’s very clear you know when a lot of women take in dairy I
always tell women around your menstrual cycle do not consume any dairy because
that mucus and that acid will cause you to be in pain and so pain is acid and so
in order to get rid of the pain you have to get rid of the acid so in order to
get rid of the cramps you have to get rid of the protein as well as the dairy going back to the herbs mm-hmm what are
the top herbs you would recommend for women to buy or ingest or use in their
foods so I studied under natural path doctor and the way I use herbology is I
do it through tinctures so they’re synergistic blends they’re not usually
individualized blends I also create healing teas of my own and so they’re
usually five at minimum ten fifteen different herbs together because
synergistically they can do more than an individual herb can do on their own but
there are tonnes there’s tons of herbs that do different
things for the body chasteberry or vitex is a great one for heavy
bleeding red raspberry leaf is great for many things it’s just an overall great
healing herb for women in general there’s I mean the list goes on and on
and I use so many of them maybe all day with me naming them but there’s there’s
just different ones so I have one for a mean time which is your during your
menstrual cycle is called the moon time tea it helps with heavy cycles it helps
with cramping women call it my miracle tea they’re like oh my god I stand on my
feet all day and I’ve never been able to stand behind this chair do this job
without having to be in pain and you know like that’s all they’re focused on
and so they can get through their day another one of my popular teas is the
womb healing tea and dushman I’ve helped many women heal from HPV from that blend
so if you think about the human papilloma virus you know they look at it
as a sexually transmitted disease but what it is is squamous cells or
precancerous cells trying to turn cancerous because of the asset that’s
changing the composition of the cell so once I have them douche for 14 days
straight at bedtime consecutive days and then go get a retesting of a pap smear
it always comes back all clear because they’ve cleaned out that vaginal cavity
and that is what the herbs do they pull mucus they help things to move and to
turn back to normal and so that is what
is one of my number one selling teas you can drink it and you can do Sh with it
but so when you drink it it’s a little healing tea you don’t have to have HPV
you can have anything going on in your body it slowly opens the kidneys it’s it
moves mucus it starts to move that lymphatic system it brings hydration it
soothes so I always encourage women to have 2 to 3 cups of that a day it can
change your life it can change your life so yeah so there’s a lot of herbs I just
use them synergistically blended because they do more you know same thing with my
other blends that I use on the vaginal steam pot they’re always coupled with
other herbs or that together they can be a powerhouse and do what they need to do
to heal the body faster so thank you so much for talking to us and sharing a
little bit I know you have so much knowledge you would like to share some
more absolutely how can the person get in contact with you they can find me at www.cannainsider.com/trends
and that’s pretty much where I am on between Facebook and Instagram and then
the website has everything that you would need to know all of the services
that I provide all of the products that I provide they are natural and chemical
free so my feminine hygiene bars my healing
teas as far as services vaginal steaming ear candling fertility massage aroma
touch so if you want to know anything in depth about those things my individual
detox programs my group detox programs all of that information is out on the
website again it’s WWI I love being fresh calm you can always feel free to
book complimentary consultations under our consultation tab and we can further
address what it is that you have going on and I’ll tell you my next steps and
recommendations for you based off of what it is that you are experiencing but
those are the places that you can find me you can email me straight from my
website or you can email me at info at I love
fresh calm thanks so much for having me I truly appreciate people that are live
in alignment with my mission because together we can change the world you
know one room at a time one woman at a time and when women come together and
we’re as powerful as we are and we operate in this power we can change a
nation so it’s so important the work that we’re all doing so I’m grateful for
you all as well o grateful for knowing you and I hope to thank you sherry yes
and some sherry appreciated you

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