Future of Radiology through University of Vermont and Philips Partnership | Philips Healthcare

Radiology is moving from a revenue center to a cost center on the business side, while still being required to provide excellent clinical services and supporting our physicians and ultimately our patients. In my department, as technology rapidly advances, we’re generating so much data, we used to have just 30 images in a study, and now we have 3,000 images in a study. We would not be able to consider a seamless healthcare environment without strong informatics. Our technology that we’ve codeveloped with Philips is renowned and is a catalyst for us to move to value-based care. In October of 2017, the department of radiology became a network department. Radiology and all of the different affiliates has essentially become one department. Radiologists and other physicians will be able to go online and look at images together. go online and look at images together. We’ll be able to point out abnormalities and see them in real time together and have a discussion and dialogue about that patient and what comes next. We might see pathology and laboratory medicine and radiology start to move a lot closer together. As that happens then we are looking at diagnostics as a specialty, not pathology and radiology in silos, but actually working together as a diagnostic
center for patient care. This could be a revolution for healthcare as we go forward. The University of Vermont Health Network and Philips have established a long term strategic partnership. It’s not just a business transaction. It’s a transaction of trust, transparency, and caring. Vermont is moving quite rapidly into population health, we’re able to offer the latest and the greatest, the best, most sophisticated imaging equipment in the world and Philips understands that it’s not just about the technology. There’s a patient on the other side of that machine, and it’s pretty rare to find that in an industry partner and it’s a breath of fresh air.

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