FZD: Intense Contest Puts Huge Load on Stamina

The match was very intense today Lin Gaoyuan put up a good fight. What do you think? It’s true there were many more great shots so the load on stamina is much higher The intensity…after the 1st shot, for the 2nd shot it would feel to me that my energy level would dip a bit It was obvious in the 4th and 5th games The 6th game was due to luck After 8-6, I seized the next few points It was a good practice This China Open feels like a little WTTC You reached the semifinal in the last 4 of 5 Now in the final, how do you see it? Actually, I feel… for Platinum events, the contest is certain to be intense Especially after the world ranking reform many fine players are taking part Perhaps, the training value might be greater I hope to be able to give my all in every match Thank you Subbed by zeio

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