100 Replies to “Game Theory: Zelda, Potions and Power Bands”

  1. 3:42 – Who is that woman? I need to know so that I can propose to her

    3:55 – Holy hell, Papa Smurf is real!

  2. so know I know why i'm sick. I've been throwing up today, my head hurt a ton yesterday, and I think it was all because I tried the teeniest sip of wheatgrass throw-up green potion

  3. I'm having a problem viewing the next episode due to it being blocked in my country, but I wanna watch all 250 episodes

  4. There is a disease called methemoglobinemia which basically turns your skin blue. Its genetic and is a recessive trait, if you search the Blue Fugates of kentucky you will see, years of inbreeding made the trait more common in their blood line, or circle, I guess. Maybe its not the silver making the people turn blue isn't it more likely they would have a disease? They would stop drinking the silver if they knew their skin pigment was changing color.

  5. The ball and chain has nothing to do with a satchel. That happened in Twilight Princess, where it was established Midna was somehow storing Link's unused items. You know, the Twilight Princess, the one who teleports bridges. That still leaves everything Link carries before teaming up with Midna, granted, but there have been ball n' chain using enemies since the second game in the series. It's only when Midna's around and she decides Link should have one that the player gets to use one.

    Of course the game that finally solves the iron boots problem introduces a more obvious one. Link's got chain mail on, he should be heavy enough already.

  6. I have to disagree. Link's green potion and blue potion is not wheat grass and colloidal silver. And link is not unlocking powers through the placebo effect.

    The problem with the placebo effect thing is that it's mostly geared towards pain relief. But because pain is somewhat subjective, it's easier to yield a positive result from say, a fake knee surgery or a sugar pill. To actually "access" powers through the power of placebos would have to take some very special set of conditions.

    No, Link's green and blue pots are not placebo medicines. They have real power. But not the type of power the game would have us think.

    Think about it. Why is Link meeting up a toothless hag in a secluded cave for "potions"?

    I'll get to the point now. Link is a smack head and the whole game is psychedelic/acid induced trip. Which would explain the power wrist band and the tri-force. He's on a "trip".

  7. Starting to binge watch game theorist since the beginning since I've never really watch these videos. This early stuff talked about boobs and had a lot of homophobic remarks. Was it just a sign of the times, like with shane dawson's early videos, or is Matt just a regular horny, homophobic dudebro?

  8. All you would need is a couple of steroids and a way to inject it and slap it on a bracelet and that's the power bracelet

  9. Ok I know this comment is years later, but I have to say it… I wasn't able to find anything in the comments, everyone cared more about the hippie joke… But you got the potions wrong… Blue is for Mana/magic and Red is for health… I played a lot of games that have the green, blue and red potions and I hardly ever got/used the blue potion… Sorry had to say it.. love what you do keep up the good work..

  10. , the moral of the story isIf you’re gonna sell a placebo, make sure it’s not something negative to a body

  11. 5:30 ah yes, the true origin of vegans.

    Just a bunch of cows wanting to eat grass. They have since wanting to eat like lions without actually eating meat, likely still eating grass. A few years later, scientists have finally created the "super grass" that allows these cows to fill their fragile and self-defeating ego.

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