GAPS Introduction Diet – Least Restrictive Diet Series

hi Cara from health home and happiness and today we’re talking about the gaps introduction diet we’re talking about healing leaky gut and what your least restrictive diet for your specific situation is to heal your gut and start seeing progress so we’re gonna talk about the gaps introduction diet which is definitely the most intense the most restrictive food wise of all of the protocols that I have talked about in this series I did this I’ve actually done this with my daughter three times or myself twice I used it myself to heal a dairy allergy I didn’t even know that I was just doing it with my daughter which I’ll talk about in another video but right now we’re going to talk about how the gaps introduction diet works to heal leaky gut and when this might be your least restrictive diet so the gaps intro is what we call it it’s a very strict healing protocol where you start with only drinking like chicken stock beef stock like meat stock well a boiled meat salt and well boiled veggies and the veggies are even supposed to be not fibrous so this really gives you a reset that’s very hypoallergenic food and so if your digestive system like if you have constipation diarrhea a lot of times the caps introduction diet is gonna be something that immediately is only sending stuff down that your body can handle because these foods are really easy to digest they’re digested higher digestive system to give your lower digestive system a break then after that we start slowly adding in probiotic food so we slowly add in egg yolks because that’s the most digest easy easy to digest portion of the egg we add in after egg yolks we’ll try some fresh herbs and so we just kind of add piece-by-piece day by day or every few days if you have a really like your gut is really out of whack and you’re having a hard time you’re gonna add in a new food and see how you react to it and so this is where you can click down below and I’ll link to also and be happy to email you my symptom tracker which is what you really want to be tracking your symptoms with the gapps intro to see what foods you’re sensitive to and what you’re doing well with and so the way the gaps intro works to heal leaky gut is it provides amazing nutrient-dense food that doesn’t irritate your gut but it provides the nutrients needed like the amino acid the stuff from the collagen is used to repair your gut and that’s in the meat stock that we eat every day and so it provides all of the nutrients you need to repair your gut while also starving out the bad bacteria that have taken over your gut and are just like sending bad signals up to your brain which you can look I’ll link below or I’ll link at the end of this video to the gut brain connection and you can see kind of how this works and it just provides tons of healing it helps your detoxification system like there’s just a whole protocol in there this is an incredibly strict protocol you add foods in a very strict a very strict order that has just been shown to be really helpful for people that have severely leaky gut so this diet is gonna be helpful for people to have tons of food allergies like I said I use this and I like I can go eat pieces of cheese like a normal amount of T’s and I got rid of like the hives and the chronic sinus infections I was getting from dairy allergies this is good for children with autism and we’ll talk about this at the end is how to get kids with autism on the gaps intro because I do have a whole thing for them so this is good with autism like kids with autism all times they have digestive symptoms or that they have that bad bacteria and their gut that’s sending signals up into their bloodstream they get to the brain and like act almost like drugs like giving them the brain fog giving them the stemming behaviors like the compulsive behaviors so kids with autism people with like severe depression severe anxiety I would say that if you feel like whatever symptoms you’re trying to solve with the gaps diet whether it’s food allergies autism or like mental health if they are causing you to have like 80% of your life or more affected because of your symptoms then the gaps intro might be a good choice for you if you don’t need something quite as intense as the gaps in Tropes it is intense and it’s very strict then the full gaps if you look at my gaps in SC d specific carbohydrate diet video full gaps is probably a better choice for you or you can get a lot of the healing without having to be so intense yeah so let’s talk now about how you can get kids with autism on the gaps into your diet because these kids with autism have sensory issues like a lot of them are super picky eaters like they won’t even eat like goldfish crackers they won’t even eat their favorite food enough to gain weight this is not uncommon and this is something I’ve helped thousands of families with this is like this is my heart and if you are doing this for autism and you can’t afford what I sell and you think that what I saw would be helpful for you email me your situation and I will just send it to you I like I want all of these kids to heal as much as possible we have a cessation and I’m so passionate to help get healing into these kids so you have a picky eater if you have a kid with autism with sensory issues first you’re gonna I do my picky eating solution and that’s a free webinar and we get kids that self-limited too just like macaroni and cheese and yogurt or they self-limited to like those bunny crackers and a nice bunny crackers that’s a common one and bacon so we are getting kids that are self limiting into like two or three foods on to the gaps intro diet which is like you live on soup for the first week or two essentially I’ve seen this progress I’ve seen the parents follow this and they’re able to do it this is absolutely no judgement if you don’t want to do it if you can’t do it at this particular time I don’t know your situation I don’t know what’s going on if gaps is something you want to do and you think that it’s literally impossible your child would starve to death I can help you with that so picky eating solution is what you want to do first and then you want to go to full gaps and then from then from there their brains and their sensory stuff will have balanced enough even I did this process for my own daughter in about a month so I gave myself a month to get her from eating greens and those bunny crackers and like fruit leather and one of those little fruit snacks two gaps intro in a month and I was able to do it she was three years old and so this is something that I have been super passionate I’ll take your questions you can email me and I am super passionate because I’ve seen how much this helped my daughter and how much this helped even me even though I wasn’t expecting it and my other two boys as well and so this is something that I definitely want to help so the steps for picky eating is to start my picky eating solution free webinar and I’ll link to that down below and then from there you’re going to go to full gaps and then from there you’re gonna do intro gaps and then intro gaps is temporary my guide which I talked about in my gut healing starter class which I will also link down below but my gut Hailey’s starter class has day-by-day videos though it explains every single step on the gaps intro diet and I also give you like what’s a common problem to run into on like day three what’s a common problem to run into on like day five and like how we can troubleshoot and then we troubleshoot again on day five to see if this is actually worth continuing on or not because I always want you on your least restrictive diet if what I am if the gaps intro is not what you need to heal you’re probably going to know down by day five and so then we’re gonna hop right back off of it I don’t want you to push through something that’s not working for you I always want you to be able to eat as much and have the least like especially socially restrictive stress restrictions in your diet while also giving all the healing that I know is possible with different dietary protocols so I’m Kara I’m all of the stuff I just talked about I know it was a lot so just like scan below I’ve got a gas 101 ebook that I’m happy to send you we have our symptom tracker to help you out I have my gaps intro book which is just a $20 book and it goes through the 30 days of gaps or I have my more intense cat hailing starter package that I am happy to help you we’ve got meal plans in there we have probably a hundred different videos to help you through things and I’ll just like mom-to-mom talk you through all of the stages that I did all of the hang-ups different people come with it and I would love to see you start getting progress so that’s the gap Center diet stay tuned for other diets that maybe less restrictive and give you the healing that you need as well thanks for joining me and I will see you back soon

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  1. Cara you have a big heart. Your passion and what you are willing to do for others is so selfless. I did the Gaps Intro with my son almost 5 years ago when he was 2 years old. Your information and booklets back then were a huge help. Thank You Cara for All that you do. From Faatima and Adam in South Africa. <3

  2. Can you eat the meat that you cook with the broth?. Or do you need to throw that away and boil new meat? Since the meat you cooked in the stock will be cooked for much longer. Also, are you going to naturally have bloating and some upsets while doing the intro diet? I've started it and notice a little pain and bloating while doing it. I'm just doing beef and the stock I cook it in. But compared to when I was eating vegan, it is much much less pain. But just wanted to know if there is naturally going to be some kind of discomfort. I have noticed that I was having less pain overall, but I do still get a small amount of pain, rashes, ect, while I'm doing the intro.

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