Gavin Newsom calls for free healthcare for illegal immigrants in California

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  1. Can't tell if I like this or not… In my opinion, there's ups and downs. the immigrants they're talking about are the ones that came here just for a better life. obviously it's hard to build that from nothing so free healthcare is something that is pretty understandable for them. But I also believe that other Californian citizens should get free healthcare too. In some ways, it's like treating immigrants better than the people that grew up there. I'm not saying one is better than the other but I'm saying that equality is everyone getting treated equally…

  2. Listen Gavin is asking the legislature for $23,00000 million dollars to assist the illegal for financial aid.  $23,00000.00 million dollars.   That is our tax payers money given to illegals.  How liberal can you get.  What about our USA CITIZENS that need assistant.   Gavin you are the biggest liberal asshole – fcnk snake.  What about our roads?

  3. Im from California and New Governor Gavin Newson just extended Medical to all illegals!! Projected cost a 900 million a year to cover them all!! On top of that he reduced the border defense. Fucking idiot!! Why not extend Medical to all citizens of California first! After all, we are paying for them not Fucking Gavin!!! Its obvious Gavin has no clue how to govern.

  4. Gavin Newsom and Justin Trudeau. Possibly the most clueless and most reckless leftist politician jackasses in North America.

  5. American people wake.   The mother load of caravan people are coming to the border and the USA.  talking about thousands and thousands and thousands.   Bleeding Democrats are doing nothing about changing the laws to come illegals.    This is fckd up.  It upsets me because our children I said our children will not receive the proper education they deserve with our tax payers money.   Schools have to hire more teachers because they are over staffed.  Now the teachers want more money because they have to many kids in the classes.  This is a disaster that is going to cause chaos in our country.   Enough is enough.   We cannot solve the worlds problems.  My check is getting smaller because the city wants more taxes and the government wants more taxes to maintain these people that our coming with:  schools services,  food stamps, assistance, etc…………    And we are paying.  Look at the Mexican channel and they will show you all wants happening of the mother load of immigrants that are coming.   The Liberal media does not show this problem.   Like CNN a bunch of liberal media.   Looks like I am a racist but I am not.   This liberal democrats what to ruin our nation.   Why in the hell you put all these liberal representatives that hate our constitution and our nations principals.    Our nation has its own problems – we do not need more problems.   We have to take care of our nation.   In the Mexican station shows gangs joining the caravan, thousands and thousand of fathers and mothers with their families joining the caravans.   They stated that they are coming to our USA to take care of their families.   My tax payers money.   Our fckn government (liberal democrats) starts give them aid immediately as they come here and are illegal.  What happen to our laws.   I obey the laws and get screwed that minute I break them.   But the illegals get rewarded with thousand of dollars of aid.  This is fckd up.    In this caravan people of other nations are joining like Africans, and other nations.  We are in a course of destroying our nations benefits for our people, values, education, etc…..  And you white American women who voted for all those liberals, are destroying you children's future.  Remember because you white woman work and husbands the immigrants will get scholarships and you are going to pay for your children college and the immigrants with your taxes.   Stupid white people.   Remember its the media that brain washes not to vote republican.   But look what is happening with this liberalism.  Most of the immigrants are ignorant, no education, and bring there horrible habits.   Example they would dump the oil in the ground or in the drainage.   That is the way they are.   No conscious about the environment.   Diapers thrown in the markets parking lots. etcc………  I could go on.   Good bye USA.  FCKN LIBERALS.


    I bailed outta there for a red state last year. My god people, get out.

    The only people staying there will suffer higher fees and taxes. WHY? Because

    1) the people who can afford to leave are the ones PAYING ALL THE TAXES
    2) the people who choose to stay will have to take up the slack because the tax base has left

    Suckers stay in Thieftown. California is stealing its residents blind.
    Last one in is the rube.

    "But it has nice beaches and everything"
    – go to Santa Cruz and say that
    – go to southern Calif beaches and say that

    Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and the east coast south beaches are nice.
    Fewer homeless, if any. And very low crime.

    The State of California says "There's no place better than our state! Now where's yer wallet, we gots us some illegals to give free healthcare and voting rights and free college and……."

    Deep, deep trouble. California. They will go broke. If Silicon Valley thins out (who in tech wants to move there to the most expensive rental market in the U.S. ?) – if California loses Silicon Valley, they are fugged. I was there in 2009. The state was doing MUCH WORSE than the rest of the country. The only thing that pulled California out of the pit was hiring in Silicon Valley.

    They better hope all the highly-educated tech talent is too stupid to check Craigslist for home prices and rents. And the highest state income tax in the country.

  7. Californians are the idiots that voted this pretty boy clown into office, what did you expect? Why would you vote someone into office who puts illegals rights over citizens rights? Your taxes are high now give it a few years. I think we should send the 100,000 coming across monthly to California let you guys feed them, educate them, provide medical care and food stamps! They’re coming for the freebies, open your wallets!

  8. We have two handicapped adult children. My wife has taken care of them their entire lives, she has no insurance or retirement benefits. San Bernardino county does not provide these or have an option for them.
    I have worked and I do have a retirement plan and SS. I have become disabled, we survive on my SSDI and the bit our children receive from SSDI. We had medi-cal but it was taken away by San Bernardino office by a hispanic woman named Chorus I believe, she mumbled her name. The reason was because I wouldn't sign over my retirement account to her. I explained that it was for my wife when I died as she does not have one and I don't want my wife and children forced into section 8 projects. She said if you don't sign it over then I cut you off, which she did. We are struggling to make ends meet, but I will not abandon my family to the whims of government workers who care not for legal citizens who put the money into the funds they distribute.
    I also asked if she was going to give my benefits to illegal aliens. She got mad and accused me of being a racist and prejudiced man. I then notified her that my grandpa is an American Indian, my other grandparents came across the border legally from Mexico.
    My monies that I paid into since I was eleven years old are denied to me and my family and are to be given to criminals who have put nothing into the system. I believe that illegal means criminal.
    We would leave the state if we could afford to.

  9. Great idea. Since I have become disabled the state of socialist california took away my medical insurance I have paid for since I began working. Medicare does not cover all.
    Perchance I should go to hospital as mute, illiterate from some other country to get "free" health care. Maybe they will also give me "free" money for food, housing, a car and whatever else I might want.
    Ah, this would not work as since I am a legal citizen I would be prosecuted for it.

  10. lol you get what you voted for so stop your crying. You voted for this guy now bend over and take it like the b1tch you are!!!!

  11. I cannot wait for California to go bankrupt. Further more, I am waiting for people to wake up and realize that they have had a bellyful and cannot stand this crap that goes on in California.

  12. Perfect way to get rid of illegal immigrant s American agree free shoots free meds for Every state in USA

  13. Biden says the American taxpayers are
    OBLIGATED to give
    illegal aliens FREE healthcare

    Listen and share….

  14. #DemocratsHateAmerica California citizens before illegal immigrants this is why Democrats will lose in the next election. #WalkAway

  15. Trump come over clean the swamp in California , this state is corrupted and run by the same family dynasty we need your help ASAP.

  16. Democrats corrupted they are garbage dirty politicians, liar cheating American especially Sanctuary City!! Democrats Gov all garbage!! Lot of homeless lot of illegals, lot of criminal crimes in San Jose, California!! Tax too high Democrats just wants to open border to bring MS-13 bring drugs cartel in California to poison Our young generation!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump 2020!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸President Trump is Our American's Voice!!  🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Always American First!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Many more year American will never find another one President just like Donald J. Trump!!

  17. Maybe the best option for American citizens who are getting squeezed by Obummercare, is for them to give up their citizenships and then come back in as illegals! Then you can get everything FREE!

  18. Maybe their whole plan is to first, give away free healthcare to illegals. Then, American citizens will be so pissed, we will all want free healthcare, then they will say, OK, we need single payer, so everyone is covered. Then we have full socialized healthcare like Canada.

  19. I was born in the US and cannot afford health insurance. Where is my handout?
    It is time for US citizens to start protesting and also treat illegals like the dog doo they are.

  20. What’s wrong with California? Everything! Watching my home state literally turn to crap in the last 30 years is saddening.

  21. listen here illegals and people who support illegals
    I don't like you guys at all.
    You have 0 Respect on tax payers like me. You have no respect to come here and not become legal like my family has. You just wanna cut in line while others have to wait. I'm hate people like you more than anything. WHY SHOULD I WORK MY FINGERS TO THE BONE to give you free stuff? WHY?

  22. these illigal aliens should pay the US government "IMMIGRATION REPARATION" to pay the US trillions of dollar of debt because illigal immigrant's draining our economy…the congress should initiate a law, a bill that will compensate for the american taxpayers burden…President Trump also should give an executive order for the illigals not be allowed to vote because they don't have a right to…california is the enemy of the STATE…this UNTIED state is doing it's best to provoke the US…the governor is giving these illigals the energy…but I believe that there are more Patriot Californians push back and defend the constitution of the United States…we were prepared to do the right thing…saddle up…we're locked and loaded standing by for heavy rolls HOOYAH??? Got mit uns…

  23. What a freaking idiot.who are they when the us citizens can't even get that and we are legal!!! And we worked for it .it wasn't handed to makers ate on to many drugs.and illegal means what.!!!!!!!!!!

  24. YEP! This will do it-USA-is NOW a 3rd world country.DRUGS-THEFT-NO POLICE-all legal now-grab your guns folks the revolution is ON!

  25. Americans should get free healthcare first , all u democrats are backwards….you spend americas there money 😎😋

  26. Paranoid prediction: California government will
    threaten tax audits of high and middle-income families fleeing the dystopian
    nightmare state.

  27. hmmm June 2019 and he's at it again! Poor Gavy's not getting enough attention… boo hoo, he needs to "out-left" everyone to get the camera's to focus on his great haircut and his "noble" sensibilities… how can anybody take this guy seriously… he's a hustler and not a good one at that

  28. If you’re a Republican and live in California quit backing losers like John Cox in the next election! Travis Allen was and is the future of the California Republican Party!!!

  29. Back in the 90s there was a proposition that came to a vote called proposition 187. It called for benefits for illegals. The wife and I voted it down along with every family member that I knew that voted and it ended up being voted down by an overwhelming majority of Californians and we were totally ignored.

  30. This is it California. Gavin "Nero" Newsome has gone too far. Actually he went too far 15 years ago as idiotic mayor of 3rd World DIEverse San Fransisco. We die with DIEversity. I saw a homeless black man sleeping on a pillow of rock and Gavin sat there looking at the man offering no help or assistance. Gavin did say this to the black man while holding his fat-bsatard stupid white privilege idiotic son, he told him that there will be no house for the rich or poor and there should be sanctuary for all. And then Gavin went back to the Govenor mansion. There is no way this fake lying Deusche is going to be President. He is completely destroying California. Hepatitis ABC outbreaks people are dying in every city and town, rat airborne disease, typhoid outbreaks, homelessness everywhere, families are starving, having to work 2 to 3 jobs to pay for Gavins power

  31. If I cant afford my own Healthcare, why am I being forced by the state to pay for illegal aliens? They have no rights in the country they are illegally in, this is utter madness.

  32. Keyword 🚫 illegal Free not going to work will end up costing billions see people run more taxes UN Globalist NWO stuff.

  33. California gives free medical care

    United States: wait that’s illegal

    Mexico: it’s free real estate

  34. No and HELL No. with three major cities in the state dealing with homeless and homeless vets, they should get that care first.

  35. Most people Know Illegal immigrants are human like anyone else thats why its never a big deal just look at the views at the video… Only people who literally think they don't pay their taxes would say they don't deserve it, thats the problem… Illegal immigrants actually do pay their taxes… But either you miss information or Racists… One of 2…

  36. Why doesn't governer Newsom propose to offer free healthcare to young immigrants waiting on the Mexican side of the border or in other States? Why wait for the immigrants come to California? If he did then those immigrants arriving to California would likely be in good or better health.

  37. Newsom needs some attitude adjustment, once he gets neutered by illegals then we'll talk.. WWG1WGA. cA

  38. How stupid? Denying healthcare to anyone living among us is
    like shooting ourselves in the head with a diseased laden syringe, particularly
    those living in the shadows, off the main grid not living a open healthy lifestyle,
    who may become infected with a poxvirus lite, may choose to remain untreated
    for fear of being deported, in the end will endanger all who may come casually
    in contact on any public transport or just walking down any Main street USA…

  39. Under obama we paid a fine for not having health care, let give it to illegals for free that makes sense

  40. What President Trump should say to the Democrats is 'I'll reconsider my position on the immigration into this country when the Democrats show progress in our homeland.  Create some bills to get a majority of the homeless off the streets with housing and stablize the Veterans afterlife of war. We have many ongoing social issues being ignored for them to get that 15min of political fame! The USA cannot bear the weight of other countries failure when we are failing ourselves.'

  41. As now, they are taking away from US Citizens. No more yearly exams, pay for your own. Medicare wont cover. Doctors actually turning away Medicare patients and sending them to doctors who don't cover Medicare. Podiatrist are no longer covered, but give illegals free care?

  42. These guys are sick! To them all homeless people are 'bums' and junkies! All immigrants (if they are brown) are criminals! (asylum seekers ARE NOT illegal, btw)

    Their utterly bizzare racist nationalism and political-cognitive-dissonance has no real parallel in the past century. Except for, you know, Italy, Germany, Vichy France, etc, in the 1920s-1945.

  43. president Trump, I know that the money for the earthquake relief will go
    for Americans, but does this man, Gavin, really deserve anything after
    what he puts us Americans through? Free medical for illegals, while I
    will never by able to afford a home and struggle with medical insurance
    and still have to pay whenever I see a doctor, and diagnostic tests does
    not even get approved even when you have insurance……..

  44. president Trump, I know that the money for the earthquake relief will go
    for Americans, but does this man, Gavin, really deserve anything after
    what he puts us Americans through? Free medical for illegals, while I
    will never by able to afford a home and struggle with medical insurance
    and still have to pay whenever I see a doctor, and diagnostic tests does
    not even get approved even when you have insurance……..

  45. Don't stop there, free car, free house with white picket fence and swimming pool. All expenses paid till employed. Needles and pot optional.

  46. Newsom is the biggest fool in American politics. So, California will go bankrupt coddling millions of illegals and the American public will get stuck with the bill for bailing them out.

  47. We should give California
    To Mexico! These illegals are draining our social services and California gave them permission to do so. Illegals are the laziest people on Earth. They sneak into the country and try to take hostage of resources Americans have worked for and deserve. I am fed up! These people are truly "Aliens" who seek to devour its host. It's time for federal intervention!!!

  48. Just when you think the liberals in California couldn’t get any stupider now they want to make tax paying citizens pay for illegal aliens healthcare! LOL I hope Donald Trump sinds every border Jumper to their state

  49. Gavin (we call him Gruesome Newsom) is a monster! Nobody I knew wanted to for him but surprise, he is related to Nancy Pelosi. They just passed the law and even more businesses are closing down because nobody can afford to keep them open or hire staff. They don't care about the citizens.

  50. All of us law abiding American citizens need to recall Newsome, Garcetti and any other politician who hides them from Ice Agents!! This is completely backwards!!

  51. I live in California and a Democrat all my life. I just re-registered as a Republican for the first time. The liberal policies of the Democrats have turned San Francisco into a third-world country. The policies of Newsom and previous liberal governors in California are creating a magnet for illegal aliens to come to our state: sanctuary policies (RIP Kate Steinle), driving privileges (how many illegal immigrants do you think have care insurance?), and now, free healthcare.

    It's time that we take our state back from these lunatics. Vote Republican.

  52. I fled the bay area in 1988. I am so happy that the Democrats have enriched the state to such an extent that such Largess is possible-how thrilled the hard working American citizens living there must be!

  53. I mean it’s the right thing to do and the Christian thing to do, but to the 17 million workers here, expect your taxes to go up

  54. Thanks Gavin for the free benefits and American’s jobs I almost went back home to my own country. And this is Governor Gavin Newson folks saying thanks for the votes SUUUUUCKERRRSSSS!

  55. Our California family has already signed the recall petition. And we our democrats for America first regardless of party.

  56. I'm not from California, but the Calif. gov is overlooking the needs of his constituents and focusing more on illegal immigrants.

  57. I hate to check my mail. I’m waiting to pay extra so called Supplement Tax Due. I have to pay extra for all these freebies. My god help us here in California.

  58. Gavin the lazy CA GOV is begging CA for homelessness solution…nephew to Pelosi got him in fraudulently! No he actually have difficulty reading since childhood. Not qualified to do either position of Mayor or Gov!

  59. Newsom should pay for it out of his own pocket not us the tax payers. I'm not going to be able to to afford paying for free health care for illegal immigrants. No no no

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